Virginia General Assembly Information

**TRANSPORTATION BILL, HB2313 - Largest tax increase in Va. history, Passed Senate and House, R. Bell, Landes, Fariss, Reeves voted No, Toscano, Deeds voted Yes.
**MEDICAID EXPANSION, HB1500 - R.Bell, Fariss, Reeves voted NO, Landes Toscano, Deeds, Voted YES.
*HB1442- Tebow Bill- non public students able to participate in inter scholastic programs, passed committee 14-8, (R.Bell), passed House 56-Y,43-N, 1-31-13, Senate, ref. to Ed.and Health, 2-1-13, defeated in comm. 7Y, 8N. *BILL DEFEATED.
*SB1335 - Right to Carry Confidentiality Bill- Passed Senate 39Y, 1N, 1-29-13, passed House 76Y, 23N with Amendment, 2-12-13,(Toscano-No, Bell-Landes-Yes) Senate - Senate agreed to amendment 31Y,9N, Now to Gov. McDonnell. *BILL PASSED.
*HB1582 - Armed school security guards, passed House-73Y,25N, 1-30-13, Senate-ref. Ed. and Health 1-31-13, passed Senate with amendments, 34Y, 6N, 2-11-13. *BILL PASSED.
*HB2317 - Firearm residency for armed service personnel, SB1363, House Block Vote Passage 99Y, 0-N, Senate-Ref. to Courts of Justice Comm, 1-31-13, passed Senate 40Y, 0-N, 2-11-13. *BILL PASSED
*HB2340 - Prevents states from allowing Federal gov't to restrict 2nd Amendment rights,Rejected-32Y, 63N, 1-30-13, ref. to Approp. Comm, left in Approp. Comm,2-5-13. *BILL DEFEATED.
*HB2342 - Expedites Concealed Carry Holders in background checks for firearms purchases, Ref. to Militia, Police and Safety,1-29-13, left in comm. 2-6-13. *BILL DEFEATED.
*SB1299 - Criminal history record check,Stricken by Patron, Courts off Justice 14-Y, 0-N, 1-28-13.*BILL DEFEATED.
**(1) Right to Farm Act-HB1430- Boneta Bill,(Lingamfelter), read twice House, substitute added,2/1/13., Passed House 77Y, 22N, (R.Bell, Fariss, Landes voted Yes, Toscano-No), Senate - ref. to Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Comm, passed by indefinitely 11-Y,4-N,*BILL DEFEATED.
(2) HJ654 - Opposing United Nations Agenda 21,(Lingamfelter), passed Rules Comm. 10Y-3N,1-31-13, Passed House 60Y, 33N, Senate-Referred to Committee on Rules, passed by indefinitely.*BILL DEFEATED.
(3) HB 2223- Prevent infringement of private property rights under UN Agenda 21.. (Cline) Tabled in Rules,1-31-13. *BILLED DEFEATED.
(4) HB1839 - Freedom to Produce and Sell,Tabled,1-28-13. *Left in Agriculture, Chesapeake and Nat. Res. - *BILL DEFEATED.
**(5) HB2048 - Oppose - Water Quality, transfer of responsibility of adm. of programs, infringement of private property rights.......- SB1279 - passed Senate 1-30/13, Passed House 82Y-17N(Fariss, Landes, Toscano-Y, Rob Bell-No, Passed Senate Comm, 13Y, 2N, Passed Senate with substitute, 27-Y, 13-N, House vote rejected 1-Y,97-N, Senate insisted on substitute 40-Y, 0-N, Senate requested conf. comm., House agreed,*Sent to conf. committee.
*HB259 -Changes technical boundaries of districts, House passed 100Y, 0N, with sub., passed Senate with sub. 20-Y, 19-N, Speaker rules Senate sub. not germane, Senate chair rules not properly before the Senate. *BILL DEFEATED.
SB1074 - Protects rights of Students on campus to organize without restrictions, Passed Senate 22-Y, 18-N (Deeds voted No, Reeves Yes, House Passed 73Y, 27N. *BILL PASSED.
*SB701 - This bill adds sexual orientation to state's hiring policy,passed Senate 24Y, 16N, 1-25-13 - Reeves-No, Deeds Y, ref. to House Gen. Laws Comm., now in House Profess. Occupations and Adm. Process-2-6-13, *House committee defeats, 5-1. *BILLED DEFEATED.
SB1256- Photo ID Bill,Vote was 20Y,20N, Passed House 65Y, 34N, 2-20-13.*BILL PASSES.
*HB1787 - Polling Places, Identification required to vote (R.Bell)*Inc. by Priv. and Elec.,2-1-13.
*HB1765 -Voters, Procedure for Disqualification of persons convicted of felony...(R.Bell), House Read 1st time,2-2-13, passed House 94Y, 4N, 2-5-13, now in Senate Privileges and Elections Comm., passed committee 15Y-0-N, 2-12-13, Passed Senate 37Y, 3N., *BILL PASSES.
*HB1764 -Voting-End to double registration(R.Bell), House read 1st time,2-2-13, Block Vote passage 100Y,2-5-13, 0-N, now in Senate Privileges and Elections, passed committee, 15Y-o-N, 2-12-13, Passed 40Y, 0N, 2-15-13. *BILL PASSES.
*HB2331 - Empower Attorney General to investigate voter fraud, now has to be invited,Passed House 83Y, 17N, Toscano Yes, 2-5-13, Passed Senate Privileges and Elections 8Y, 7N, Deeds No, Obenshain-Reeves Yes, 2-12-13. Passed Senate 25Y, 14N, (Deeds No, Reeves, Obenshain Yes) *BILL PASSES.
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Virginia House:
*Rob Bell - (R) 58th District, 804-698-1058
*Steve Landes (R) 25th District, 804-698-1025, email:
*Matt Fariss (R) 59th District, 804-698-1059
*David Toscano (D) 57th District, 804-698-1057
Virginia Senate:
*Bryce Reeves (R) 17th District, 804-698-7517
*Creigh Deeds (D) 25th District, 804-698-7525, email:

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