Thursday, August 22, 2013

Obamacare - #4562 - Obamascare: UVA Drops Healthcare Bomb on Employees - Schllling Show (2) Report: Obamacare Forces Most Charlottesville, Va. Firms to go Part-Time - Washington Examiner (3) NSA Collected Thousands of U.S. Communications Without Terrorist Connections - AP

Obamascare: UVA Drops Healthcare Bomb on Employees - Schilling Show - Thanks to the (oxy)moronic Affordable Health Care and Patient Protection Act (Obamacare), University of Virginia employees will suffer ill, and perhaps unanticipated, financial side effects. UVa announced today that due to “rising health care costs,” some working spouses will become ineligible for University insurance coverage: Working spouse provision: Starting Jan. 1, spouses who have access to coverage through their own employer will no longer be eligible for coverage under U.Va.’s plan. Spouses who do not have coverage elsewhere can remain on the employee’s plan, and coverage of children is not affected. “Rising costs” are cited as the culprit for the spousal (and several other) health coverage policy changes: In all cases, those costs have marched steadily higher annually. U.Va. anticipates its medical plan costs to rise by about 6.8 percent each year. Total medical claims have increased from $99 million in 2008 to $127 million in 2012, an increase of 28 percent. The University goes on to blame Obamacare for an anticipated $7 million cost increase next year: Read more.........

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(2) Report: Obamacare Forces Most Charlottesville, Va. Firms to go Part-Time - Washington Examiner - An influential Charlottesville, Va., money management team claims that Obamacare has forced many firms in Thomas Jefferson's hometown to switch to part-time workers, and that one manager was told he'd be fired if he hired a 50th full-time worker, the number that triggers the costly health care system. "Economic self-defense has many firms forcing their employees to work less than 30 hours a week regardless of their preference or availability. This trend seems to be universal even here in Charlottesville," David John Marotta and Megan Russell of Marotta Wealth Management said in an online memo to investors. The firm handles many Charlottesville investors. They added: "We hesitate to name all the businesses in town that are cutting employee hours below 30. Even though the list includes almost all major franchises, most firms have been smart enough to keep the changes as quiet as possible." The reason: "The backlash and boycotts have been harsh and vitriolic from liberals." Read more........

(3) NSA Collected Thousands of U.S. Communications Without Terrorist Connections - AP -  The National Security Agency declassified three secret court opinions Wednesday showing how in one of its surveillance programs it scooped up as many as 56,000 emails and other communications by Americans not connected to terrorism annually over three years, revealed the error to the court - which ruled its actions unconstitutional - and then fixed the problem. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper authorized the release, part of which Obama administration officials acknowledged Wednesday was prodded by a 2011 lawsuit filed by an Internet civil liberties activist group. The court opinions show that when the NSA reported its inadvertent gathering of American-based Internet traffic to the court in September 2011, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ordered the agency to find ways to limit what it collects and how long it. Read more........

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