Friday, July 12, 2013

Barack Obama - #4533 - The Law Means Nothing to These People - With His Waiving of the Obamacare Employer Mandate, Obama Has Taken the Next Step Toward Pure Anarchy - American Thinker (2) VIDEO: (182,214 views) Evolution vs. God Movie So Popular It Crashes Evangelical Leader's Website, It's Going to Take Down Evolution - The Blaze (3) Obama's Global-Warming Folly - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post (4) Rep. Jim Bridenstine Contrasts George Washington's and Obama's Views of Religions Role in Military - CNS News

The Law Means Nothing to These People - With His Waiving of the Obamacare Employer Mandate, Obama Has Taken the Next Step Toward Pure Anarchy - American Thinker - President Obama has just nullified, all by his lonesome, a provision in a duly-enacted law: the employer mandate in ObamaCare. It's one thing to give priority to enforcing one law over another, such as stressing interdiction of cocaine over marijuana. But to just cancel a law is quite another matter. In "Obama's never-mind presidency" on July 5 in the Washington Post, George Will writes: Although the Constitution has no Article VIII, the administration acts as though there is one that reads: "Notwithstanding all that stuff in other articles about how laws are made, if a president finds a law politically inconvenient, he can simply post on the White House Web site a notice saying: Never mind." Never mind that the law stipulates 2014 as the year when employers with 50 full-time workers are mandated to offer them health-care coverage or pay fines. Instead, 2015 will be the year. Unless Democrats see a presidential election coming. Read more....... Article contributed by Steve Peters.

  (182,214 views) (2) Evolution vs. God Movie So Popular, It Crashes Evangelical Leader's Website, It's Going to Take Down Evolution - The Blaze - (182,214 views - Evangelical leader Ray Comfort is making waves in both Christian and science circles with his new “Evolution vs. God” movie. After releasing the 38-minute short film online on Tuesday, Comfort said that downloads were so rampant that his website crashed. “It began slowly and built to over 1,000 people. That’s a huge amount of people to be downloading an entire movie, and it proved to be too much for our site. It crashed,” he told TheBlaze in an e-mail interview. While tech problems are never welcome, in this case, Comfort said that the demand for “Evolution vs. God” was encouraging, as it showed just how interested people are in the subject. In the end, the faith leader believes that the movie will have monumental impact. “I believe it’s going to take down evolution. It exposes it at bogus science,” Comfort said. “That sounds like a bold claim, but it’s true. The movie delivers, and it’s not just our claim.” Read more..........

(3) Obama's Global-Warming Folly - Charles Krauthammer - Washington Post - The economy stagnates. Syria burns . Scandals lap at his feet. China and Russia mock him , even as a “29-year-old hacker” revealed his nation’s spy secrets to the world. How does President Obama respond? With a grandiloquent speech on climate change . Climate change? It lies at the very bottom of a list of Americans’ concerns (last of 21 — Pew poll). Which means that Obama’s declaration of unilateral American war on global warming, whatever the cost — and it will be heavy — is either highly visionary or hopelessly solipsistic. You decide:Global temperatures have been flat for 16 years — a curious time to unveil a grand, hugely costly, socially disruptive anti-warming program. Now, this inconvenient finding is not dispositive. It doesn’t mean there is no global warming. But it is something that the very complex global warming models that Obama naively claims represent settled science have trouble explaining. It therefore highlights the president’s presumption in dismissing skeptics as flat-earth know-nothings. Read more.........

Rep. Jim Bridenstine Contrasts George Washingston's and Obama's Views of Religions Role in Military, CNS News. Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) contrasted the way in which the first commander-in-chief and President Barack Obama see the proper “order” in the United States military, including the role played by religion. Bridenstine quoted George Washington on the 237th anniversary of the first president’s general order establishing the chaplaincy: “In that general order, he stated, ‘The blessing and protection of Heaven are at all times necessary but especially so in times of public distress and danger -- the General hopes and trusts, that every officer and man, will endeavor so to live, and act as becomes a Christian Soldier defending the dearest Rights and Liberties of his country.”While acknowledging that the military is much more diverse today, Bridenstine said the president should allow Christian soldiers to have the right to live and act like Christians. Bridenstine, along with other lawmakers and religious liberty advocates, supports the amendment the House passed as part of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014. Read more....... AW: Please use link to watch video, he is outstanding.

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