Friday, June 21, 2013

Audit the IRS Rally - #4518 - VIDEOS AND PHOTOS: Interviews of People Who Attended 'Audit the IRS' Rally hosted by the Tea Party Patriots - by A. Welborn (2) ADDITIONAL PHOTOS OF 'Audit the IRS' Rally - Welborn Freedom Watch

The 'Audit the IRS' Rally hosted by the Tea Party Patriots was incredible. It was so gratifying to see as many people as before, attend these rallies. Everyone was energized and ready to be involved again, especially with the scandals by the IRS targeting Tea Parties all over the nation as well as conservative groups. I gave everyone the option of not revealing their identity, but no one declined, everyone realized we need to do everything we can to stop what the IRS is doing to all conservative groups, especially their involvement and potential unlawful withholding of medical care to those who don't share the Obama Administration's political and immoral policies. Also to make sure any laws passed on Immigration include meaningful and enforceable border security. The speakers were inspirational for both the 'Audit the IRS' Rally, as well as the Immigration Rally. Please try to attend and support any more that are held. As you will hear in the interviews below, everyone is concerned about what is happening to our country, for the sake and protection of their children and grandchildren, as to the country they will  inherit from us. Listen to five great people from the heart and soul of our country.

Laurie, Arlington, Virginia, mother of two children, never attended a Tea Party Rally before.

Jim Murphy, from North Carolina.

Ann and friend from Charlotte, North Carolina.
Eva Mazella, from New Jersey.

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