Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Abortion - #4410 -Tuesday Marks 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Abortion Ruling - Citizen Link (2) Cuomo Abortion Bill Outrageous - Hot Air (3) Protracted Fight Over Abortion Rights Comes Due - USA Today (4) Shredding the Constitution: The Australian Port Arthur Phenomenon - American Thinker (5) VIDEO: Thousands of Guns Confiscated and Destroyed in Australia Results in More Crime

Tuesday Marks 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Abortion Ruling - Citizen Link - She was young. She was in college. And like many other women, she believed the lie. It was 1981. After finding out she was pregnant, Carrie Gordon Earll, now a senior policy analyst at CitizenLink, decided to have an abortion. The lie she says she believed then: That abortion is a choice like any other choice. Forty years ago the U.S. Supreme Court made a choice that has contributed to the deaths of more than 50 million babies. The 1973 Roe. v. Wade ruling, along with its companion case Doe v. Bolton, made abortion legal for any reason at any time during a woman’s pregnancy. Jan. 22 marks the 40th anniversary of the Court decisions. “I can look back over those 40 years and say without a doubt: The world is not a better place because of abortion — women are not in a better place because of abortion,” Earll said. “What it’s created is a world where you’re almost expected to abort if you’re pregnant at an inopportune time. It’s created a society where it’s easier to push women toward exterminating their babies than to accommodate them with their needs as mothers.”  Read more........

(2) Gov. Cuomo Abortion Bill in New York Outrageous - Hot Air - .........One group in New York, Democrats for Life of America, is outraged over a new abortion-expansion proposal from Governor Andrew Cuomo in what is already arguably the abortion capital of the nation, which would eliminate parental notification requirements and allow non-doctors to perform abortions: By promoting one of the most expansive abortion bills in American history, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has opened a civil war on two fronts: with his church and with elements of his own party. Cuomo is pushing for a massive expansion of access to abortion in the state, including lifting restrictions on third-trimester abortions, allowing non-doctors to perform the procedure, and enshrining a fundamental right to “terminate a pregnancy” in New York state law. Democrats for Life of America deemed the proposed bill “the most sweeping abortion legislation in the nation.”. The Democratic governor introduced the bill to cheers during his January 9 State of the State address, shrouding it in the name of “women’s equality.” “The abortion language would allow late-term abortions, allow non-doctors to perform abortions, and supersede any reasonable restrictions such as parental notification,” the group stated. “It is out of touch with the views of most Americans, out of touch with the views of most Democrats, and could hamper real reform for women’s rights,” the Democratic group concluded.  Read more.....

(3) Protracted Fight Over Abortion Rights Comes Due - USA Today - As Roe v. Wade ruling turns 40, the latest restrictions passed by states range from required ultrasound tests before abortions to waiting periods. Forty years after the Supreme Court legalized abortion, the constitutional right many Americans take for granted is coming under increased scrutiny. State legislatures are passing limits on abortion-related services. More abortion providers face stepped-up regulations, and more patients face strictly worded counseling sessions or ultrasound tests. At least four states have just one clinic performing abortions. As a result, dozens of challenges to those laws have been lodged in state and federal courts, and it may not be long before the issue is before the high court again.  Read more....... Article contributed by Steve Peters.

(4) The Australian Port Arthur Phenomenon - American Thinker - Those who think 'it can't happen here" with regard to the gun control should take a closer look at Australia - The tragedy at Newtown's Sandy Hook school has ignited a blistering attack on gun rights that could become the most successful campaign against the Second Amendment in the history of the United States. In just over one month, emboldened opponents of our inalienable right to bear arms have seized commanding emotional, informational, and political advantages amidst the chaos of the national gun debate. They have spread the contagion of gun control sentiment with alarming quickness and devastating effectiveness. The viral dispersal of gun control sentiment in the United States during the past month is disturbingly reminiscent of the events that unfolded in Australia in 1996. On April 28, 1996, a mentally ill individual by the name of Martin Bryant murdered 35 people during a shooting spree at a popular tourist site in Tasmania -- an appalling occurrence known as the "Port Arthur Massacre." That same year, the Australian government, led by then-Prime Minister John Howard, enacted reactionary laws that annihilated the right to bear arms Down Under. Nationwide gun confiscation ensued. While many citizens vocally opposed the measures, their voices were ultimately drowned out amidst the hysteria. In the blink of an eye, Australia's longstanding tradition of gun ownership was reduced to a farce by Howard's government juggernaut. Read more..........

Thousands of Guns (5) Confiscated & Destroyed in Australia Results in More Crime When a country takes away guns from its citizens it’s in big trouble as they are finding out in Australia. 

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