Monday, November 5, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 - VIDEO: 'Conservatism is Calling' - (646,993 views) The Most Devastating Anti-Obama Election Video of 2012? You Decide - The Blaze (2) 9,000 Mining Jobs lost in October - Daily Caller (3) Report: Obama Cut Back Substantially on 'Economically Significant' Regulations in October - Daily Caller

'Conservatism is Calling'(646,883 views) - The Most Devastating Anti-Obama Election Video of 2012? You Decide, The Blaze - A scathing video review of President Barack Obama’s first term is sweeping the internet less than two days before the most important presidential election in a generation. The video, titled “Conservatism Is Calling,” outlines Obama’s broken promise to bring “hope and change” to Washington D.C. Hollywood director Chris Corrado told TheBlaze in an email that he is the creator of the video. The video, which currently has more than 500,000 views on YouTube, also highlights a number of Obama’s empty pledges he made on the campaign trail in 2008. Obama can be seen promising to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” pledging to cut the federal deficit in half, fix the economy and reign in unemployment in his first term. While he did make good on his promise to “transform” the nation, it wasn’t in the way that many had hoped. He called the Bush administration “unpatriotic” for running up massive annual deficits. However, as the YouTube video points out, Obama’s deficit at $1.3 trillion in 2012 alone was more than four years under former President George W. Bush combined. The video also indicates that Obama missed his pledge to cut the deficit in half by 500 percent. Read more......

9,000 Mining Jobs Lost in October - Daily Caller - The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 9,000 jobs lost in mining in October, a statistic Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is likely to cite in the waning hours of the campaign. “Mining lost 9,000 jobs in October, with most of the decline occurring in support activities for mining,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced in Friday’s jobs report. “Since May of this year, employment in mining has decreased by 17,000.” Some have critiqued the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency for their regulations on the coal industry, calling it a” war on coal. Read more.......

Report: Obama Cut Back Substantially on 'Economically Significant' Regulations - Daily Caller A forthcoming report from the conservative Americans for Limited Government (ALG) says President Barack Obama’s administration dramatically cut back on the approval of “economically significant” government regulations in October. “In the month of October, the Obama Administration approved only four ‘economically significant’ regulations,” the ALG report, obtained by The Daily Caller, reads.“In fact, the only other month where the Obama Administration approved a single-digit number of economically significant regulations was his first month in office in 2009 when he approved eight,” the report adds. ALG suggests that the reason the Obama administration has held off on issuing “economically significant” regulations in the month before the election is because the president is trying to give the impression he doesn’t have a big government agenda. Read more: 

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