Friday, November 9, 2012

Post Election 2012 - #4361 - Why Did 3 Million Republicans Stay Home? Rush Limbaugh (2) Establishment GOP Draws All the Wrong Lessons from Election Results - Rush (3) John Fund : The Machine Beat the Manager - National Review Online

Why Did 3 Million Republicans Stay Home? - RUSH: So three million Republican voters stayed home on Election Day. Three million predominantly white voters stayed home. The media is all over the place with the fact that the Republicans lost "the white vote." They can't get the white vote. They did lose the white vote, but Democrats didn't get it. They just didn't show up, and it wasn't voter suppression that didn't turn 'em out. What would be the reason that three million voters didn't show up? Let's go through the possibilities. It could be that there are a number... We've talked to 'em. We've had 'em call. We got 'em, in fact, on hold. A number of Republicans are tired of moderate nominees. They've sent the Republican Party money for years and said, "To hell with it. If you're gonna eschew conservatism, I'm not giving you any money, and I'm not voting for you."  Read more.....

Establishment GOP Draws all the Wrong Lessons from Election Results - Rush - .... So I said, "Let me ask you a question. Let's go back to Republican convention." I point out we've got more elected Hispanics, the Republican Party does, than the Democrats in elective office, federal, state, local, all over the country, far more elected Hispanics than the Democrats have. At the GOP convention, Condoleezza Rice, one of the most achieved, accomplished people in our country, happens to be female African-American, Suzanne Martinez, the Hispanic Latino governor of New Mexico, achieved, successful. Marco Rubio, Hispanic, Republican, Senate. And the list goes on. There are quite a few minority participants at the Republican convention. I said, "What did they all have in common?" They all had an up from nothing story, their families or themselves came from nothing. Their families sacrificed for them, and they engaged in hard work, and they overcame all kinds of obstacles to reach the pinnacle of their profession, and then I said, "Why doesn't that count?" Well, there's an answer to why that doesn't count. The hard work story doesn't resonate, folks. I hate to tell you, but it's not resonating with Obama voters. We don't have a demography problem, but the Republican Party today is convinced that they do, and so there are discussions ongoing right now, I raised the question yesterday, "Are we supposed to now be for amnesty and illegal immigration? Are we supposed to come out and be pro-life to get those voters? Are we supposed to support gay marriage, legalize pot, is that what we're supposed to do?" Read more.......

John Fund - The Machine Beat the Manager - National Review Online - In 2008, Obama rode the energy of hope and change into the White House,” says Andrew Bouchet, former national political director for Rick Santorum. “This year, he had no energy but he had spent the intervening years building an awesome Machine. Last night, he rode the Machine back into the White House.” The Machine indeed won. “Starting months ago, Democrats began spending $350 million building a get-out-the-vote infrastructure that swamped us,” Ed Rollins, who served as campaign manager for Ronald Reagan’s 1984 reelection bid, told me yesterday. “Then they demonized Romney in the swing states, and by the time he responded his image was set with too many voters — especially blue-collar whites.  Read more........ Article contributed by Steve Peters.

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