Monday, October 8, 2012

Virginia U.S. Senate Race - #4280 - VIDEO: "Still" - 'Defense and Technology Jobs' - George Allen for Senate Releases TV Ad (2) Tim Kaine Teams Up to Rewrite Record (3) Wives Hit Campaign Trail for Husbands - Washington Post

George Allen for Senate releases new ad - Today George Allen for U.S. Senate released a new television ad titled “Still,” profiling the top question on Virginians’ minds: will they still have a job if Washington continues to fail to do its job? Due to Washington’s failure to set priorities, Virginia faces the loss of over 200,000 good-paying defense and technology jobs, devastating our military, economy, and Virginia families. Unless Washington acts, $500 Billion in automatic defense cuts will begin on January 2, on top of the nearly $500 Billion defense cuts already in place. “Looming defense cuts are paralyzing job-creators and families worried about an uncertain future as they see Washington playing politics instead of finding solutions. Washington’s failure is making Virginia families wonder if they will have a job to pay the mortgage, put food on the table and send their children to school,” said Mike Thomas, Campaign Manager for George Allen for U.S. Senate. “Tim Kaine's Washington allies refuse to stop these cuts unless there is a tax increase on hard-working Americans. George Allen has a plan for stopping these harmful defense cuts by setting priorities for spending and reductions and raising revenue without raising taxes through productive American energy and pro-job growth economic solutions. George Allen knows it is his job to fight for our jobs.” Script: ANNCR: If Washington doesn’t do its job, will we still have ours? Will our military still be strong? Tim Kaine supported last year’s debt deal that will impose devastating defense cuts, threatening Virginia jobs. George Allen opposed it. Kaine attacked him and insisted the deal was “the right thing to do.” George Allen’s plan stops the defense cuts, creates jobs, and grows our economy. George Allen knows his job… is to fight for ours. GEORGE ALLEN: I’m George Allen and I approve this message.

Tim Kaine Teams Up to Rewrite Record - Today Tim Kaine is out with an ad repeating the same exaggerated lines in his Extreme Makeover series, except this time with a cameo appearance by Mark Warner. When Tim Kaine tries to take credit for cutting his pay, he forgets to mention he only cut it by 5 percent well into the second year of his term compared to Mark Warner’s 20 percent cut and George Allen’s 10 percent cut. Before there was Mark Warner or Tim Kaine, there was George Allen who set the example for them as the first Governor to cut his own pay by 10 percent,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for George Allen for U.S. Senate. “George Allen also reduced the size of state government by 9 percent, lowered taxes and helped Virginia create 300,000 jobs. That’s one example Virginians wish Tim Kaine had followed. Instead, he left Virginia with 100,000 jobs lost, closed rest stops, skyrocketing tuition, and a unanimously rejected budget containing tax hikes on people making as little as $17,000 a year.” Read more.........

Wives Hit Campaign Trail for Husbands - Washington Post - Susan Allen is elegantly dressed, her voice soft. But make no mistake, the former first lady of Virginia has come to this rural town in the Blue Ridge Mountains, home to the National D-Day Memorial, to do battle — against looming military cuts known as “sequestration,” and for her husband’s U.S. Senate bid. “The fact that sequestration occurred, because nobody was willing to make a decision on the budget, has left us now to the point where we will take our Navy back to the size it was in World War I,” Allen told a group late last month. “And how do you do that when you’re closing bases around the world? . . . It just doesn’t make sense.” Allen, the wife of former Republican senator and governor George Allen, is one of two former first ladies furiously hitting the Senate campaign trail this year in Virginia. In one of the most intensely watched races in the nation, one that could help tip the balance of power in the Senate, these two political spouses have been campaigning in ways rarely seen outside a presidential contest.......George Allen’s campaign made “a very strategic decision” early on to highlight his wife’s role in the race, according to a campaign aide who spoke on the condition of anonymity to freely discuss strategy. The idea was not to counter the alleged “war on women,” the aide said, but simply to capi­tal­ize on her policy smarts and popularity. Campaign buttons circulating in Southwest Virginia read: “Vote for Susan Allen’s husband.” “Susan is the Most Valuable Player of our team in sharing our ideas and solutions and listening to hard-working Virginians,” Allen said in a statement from his campaign.  Read more.........

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