Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Virginia Senate Race - #4267 - With Kaine v. Allen, Senate Messages Aren't Shortchanged - Bearing Drift (2) VIDEO: 'Accountable' - Allen Virginians Deserve Solution, Not Short-Term Political Gimmicks @ Their Expense - (3) Kaine Blames the Victim - Bearing Drift

On Sept. 30, we approached a critical fundraising deadline — the final quarterly deadline before the election. Campaigns will use the resulting metrics, like ‘donors’ and ‘dollars raised’, to convince the press and the public that they have the strength to sail to victory in November. Tim Kaine thought it was an important deadline too. In general, fundraising emails are meant to get supporters to reach into their pocketbooks and give freely. And, to do so, a candidate tries to look like the hero and portray the other guy as the villain. Kaine’s emails were no different. His favorite tactic has been to use the bogeyman of outside money and interests acting nefariously and surreptitiously on behalf of his opponent, George Allen. “The other side believes that they can make us all irrelevant with enough zeroes at the end of a check,” reads a Kaine fundraising email on the eve of the fundraising deadline. “They think that enough secret money can drown out the voices of individual Virginians….” It doesn’t take long to discover that Kaine, through June 30 (the last data available), raised at least $1.2 million from California and New York and that only 47 percent of itemized donations to his campaign were from inside Virginia. That’s not exactly good news for a campaign trying to win in Virginia — especially when Allen raised 61percent here. And, the website, from the Center for Responsive Politics, reports that as of Oct. 1, outside groups had spent $5.8 million on behalf of Kaine, while Allen fares better at $8.1 million. The advantage is clearly with Allen, but it’s hardly the 3:1 spending advantage the Kaine campaign claims.  Read more.........

Tim Kaine says "we ought to be accountable for what we've done in public life." In his four years as Governor he proposed over $4 B in tax increases including on those making as little as $17,000 a year. And now he is open "to have some minium tax level for everyone." Tim Kaine's response to nearly every challenge is to raise taxes. -

George Allen - Virginians deserve solutions, not short-term Political Gimmicks at their expense -  Today George Allen released the following statement regarding the Obama Administration’s attempts to prevent employers from sending layoff notices under the WARN Act prior to Election Day due to the looming sequestration cuts that include $500 Billion in defense cuts. “Each day, I hear from Virginia taxpayers, families and small businesses worried about the future and looking for solutions to prevent these devastating defense cuts that will harm our jobs, economy and communities. With over 200,000 Virginia jobs at risk, the President’s approach is a short-term political gimmick using taxpayer dollars to cover employers who do not follow the law concerning notice of layoffs. Looming defense cuts are already causing small businesses to lose contracts and lay off workers. Washington’s failure of leadership is creating debilitating uncertainty for Virginia businesses and families, and the absence of lawful layoff notices will only create more uncertainty. Virginians tell me they would rather see Washington find real solutions that stop these dangerous cuts to our military and save jobs. It’s past time for new leadership in Washington that will listen to the American people and set priorities to avoid these devastating defense cuts.”  Read more..........

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