Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Virginia Eminent Ballot Constitutional Amendment - #4281 - VIDEO: Rob Bell, Delegate, Va. House and Bob Wilson, Business owner of Central Radio - (2) Obenshain: Virginia Democrat Party Opposes Property Rights - Bearing Drft (3) Eminent Domain for Private Use Approved in Somerville, Mass. - Reason.com

This video is Virginia Delegate Rob Bell, and Bob Wilson, owner of Central Radio,  discussing the importance of the Eminent Domain Amendment to the Virginia Constitution that will be voted on November 6th, 2012.  Mr. Wilson's personal experience in his battle to save his company can be heard at 8:01 of the clip above.  You can push for the Amendment by writing a Letter to the Editor of your local paper. Each letter helps demonstrates local support and builds momentum. I have put information and some ideas for letters here. Thank you for supporting property rights in Virginia! Sincerely, Rob Bell.

Mark Obenshain: Virginia Democratic Party Opposes Property Rights - Bearing Drift - The Democratic Party of Virginia’s central governing body has adopted a resolution opposing the amendment. He thinks it has put them in a precarious position: Some—mostly on the left—have opposed the Virginia Property Rights Amendment, calling it unnecessary. They’ve said that eminent domain abuse doesn’t exist in Virginia, that an Amendment is superfluous. As the Amendment’s Senate patron, I’ve always pointed to cases of clear abuse, some ongoing, and to attempts by some Democrats to chip away at the laws we have protecting the rights of private property owners. But now I can just point to a resolution adopted by the Democratic Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee (their governing body). You want to know why we need the Virginia Property Rights Amendment? Look no farther than the astonishing reasons the state Democratic Party cites for opposing it: They oppose it because it “will lock into the Virginia Constitution a prohibition on using eminent domain to advance private enterprise, job creation, tax revenue generation, or economic development.” In other words, they oppose it because it actually defines public use – because it makes clear what was once taken for granted, that condemning your property to hand it over to a private developer is not a legitimate public use. They actually want to preserve government’s ability to continue to engage in abusive eminent domain practices. Read more........

Eminent Domain for Private Use Approved in Somerville, Mass - Reason.com - On Tuesday, aldermen in Somerville Mass. approved an urban renewal plan that calls for the use of eminent domain for private development in a 117-acre neighborhood over a 20-year period. The Union Square Revitalization Plan identifies seven blocks with 35 private properties to be acquired first. Threatened properties include two homes; nine auto repair businesses; nine shops, warehouses, or offices; and a CrossFit gym. City planners envision moderate to high-density development on those blocks including retail, restaurants, residences, and office space—as well as a new transit station and public library.“This project really concerns me. Eminent domain can be a really cruel and violent act,” said resident David Guss. The project is “a cloud of doubt that’s hanging over everybody’s head.”  Read more..........

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