Friday, October 26, 2012

Virginia 5th District Race - #4330 - VIDEO: Robert Hurt - Romney/Ryan Victory Rally - Charlottesville, Va. 10-25-12 - Welborn Freedom Watch (2) Robert Hurt Endorsed by Richmond-Times Dispatch

Congressman Robert Hurt: Romney/Ryan Victory Rally, Charlottesville, Virginia, 10-25-12. There was a lot of movement on the media platform that I was standing on, sorry for the shaky video quality.

Robert Hurt Endorsed by Richmond-Times Dispatch - The 5th District features much of Southside Virginia, a region of great beauty that has not participated fully in the economic boom experienced by the I-95/I-64 corridor. Republican Robert Hurt is a native son; he understands his home. Hurt speaks calmly yet candidly of the federal government's impact on economic growth. Taxation and regulation adversely affect the small businesses that form his district's backbone. Hurt distinguished himself in the Virginia General Assembly with an independent streak; his temperament serves as a model for others in a U.S. House peopled with Bonapartes. The Times-Dispatch urges voters in the 5th to cast their ballots for him.

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