Thursday, October 11, 2012

Virginia 5th District Debate - Robert Hurt - #4287 - Congressman Robert Hurt Triumphs Over John Douglass - The American Maverick (2) Radioactive 'John Douglass' Staffers Wear 'HAZMAT' suits to Debate - Schilling Show Blog

Congressman Robert Hurt was victorious versus Democrat John Douglass in the first 5th District Congressional debate. The hour long debate was held in Danville, Virginia, and was moderated by the Sorenson Institutes' Bob Gibson. The debate showed the confidence and command of Robert Hurt. He demonstrated his broad knowledge on every level during the debate. Congressman Hurt spoke fluidly about what it takes to work in a legislature to advance common sense solutions to address our nation's debt and economy. Hurt spoke about his efforts to work when needed as a bipartisan to address the needs of the country and the fifth district. The Congressman spoke directly about the need to focus on jobs, repealing Obamacare, and taking action on curbing federal spending. Congressman Robert Hurt remained strong and as a statesman throughout the debate. Hurt spoke about how important it was that he listened to citizens and businesses from the fifth district. Clearly, Robert Hurt was connected with the voices of the fifth district compared to the loose, mouthed Douglass. Democrat John Douglass maintained the same sour tone that he had preceding the debate. Douglass leaned heavily on his military rank through the debate. Douglass overly talked about how he was a soldier to a point it was very self serving. Douglass panned out flat on several questions posed by the panel. On several questions, he appeared lacking in knowledge of the issue and, on many instances, distant with his knowledge of what a Congressman can legally do. What was most evident was that Congressman Hurt was prepared to talk at length about serious issues, and Douglass was on stage to scrape up some press to boost his lowly performing campaign. Another point is respect. Congressman Hurt was proper and direct with his exchanges with Douglass.
On the other hand, Douglass was condescending and disrespectful to the incumbent. Lastly, Douglass' campaign is a mess. A true struggle for any kind of publicity. Douglass' campaign staff staged a campaign stunt at the entrance of the debate location. They wore costumes protesting America's potential for energy resources. This kind of corny campaigning has been representative of John Douglass from the start.

Radioactive 'John Douglass' Staffers Wear HAZMAT Suits to Debate - Schilling Show Blog - At last night’s 5th District Congressional debate in Danville, an attempt to embarrass incumbent Republican, Robert Hurt, may have backfired on its perpetrator. Democrat John Douglass instructed staffers to don HAZMAT suits as they greeted entrants, handing out tracts regarding uranium. Chuckling at their own cleverness, the Douglass campaign may have missed the irony caught by several attendees: His exclusion from the stage at recent high-profile Virginia appearances by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden has led pundits to label Democrat John Douglass as politically “radioactive.” Obviously, the association is not beneficial the Democrat’s flailing campaign. John Douglass, best known for physically assaulting a conservative cameraman at a public campaign event, has been struggling ever since to soften his bellicose personaa defect, which likely has kept potential political allies at arm’s length.

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