Thursday, October 18, 2012

United Nations Control? - #4307 - Perhaps a Little Prairie Fire in Massachusetts? - Several Communities Say No to UN Resolution - Virginia Right (2) Landowner Stands Ground Against Government Shakedown - World Net Daily

Perhaps a Little Prairie Fire in Massachusetts? Several Communities Say No to Un Resolution - Virginia Right - I(Sandy Sanders) am always excited when activists stand up and I get more excited when they win! And my excitement grows if I helped a bit! All three happened in several towns in Massachusetts this week! Three at least said NO to an effort by the Greater Boston UN Club to get various local governments to endorse the United Nations in their town. I was asked by several VA activists to blog on this attempt to have state governors to issue pro-UN proclamations, hence this blog entry! Although the rally must wait until next year, this blog entry inspired one of my local heroes, Carver, Massachusetts resident and activist, Lisa Martin, to fight the attempt in her community to endorse the United Nations. And she won! Here’s a report on a community (Spencer, MA) in September: The letter, from the United Nations Association of Greater Boston, encourages the board to issue a proclamation, notify local newspapers, fly the United Nations flag and encourage educators to do “model UN simulations.” Selectman Donald R. Berthiaume Jr. said the board at one time would give approval to a local peace day event, but stopped of supporting it because some might find it controversial. Thanks to Lisa Martin’s brave and bold stand, armed with the facts, Carver decided not to endorse the UN, either. (Martin also helped get Carver OUT of ICLEI, too!) Martin read my blog here at Virginia Right! (And who says nobody reads my stuff!) And the word is spreading! I am hearing a report that Bourne, Massachusetts also said NO to endorsing the UN! Let’s do it around the nation! No UN resolutions! (And while you are at it – get your community out of ICLEI!

Landowner Stands Ground Against Government Shakedown - World Net Daily - You’re the owner of a piece of commercial property, and local regulators are asking you to make sure the impact of work you’d like to do is mitigated: wetlands accommodated, the property fixed up and cleaned up. So no problem. Then regulators tell you they also are going to require that you – at an expense estimated up to $150,000 – fix up and clean up a piece of unrelated government property miles away from your project. Or else. What do you do? That’s the question that will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court in a dispute out of Florida that is being handled by the Pacific Legal Foundation. In the case, the owner of a piece of commercial property in Orange County, Fla., the Koontz family, was told that to get the permits necessary to use their land, they would have to spend thousands of his dollars making improvements to government-owned land miles away – just because that’s what officials decided they wanted. “Property owners large and small, from coast to coast, should be thankful that the U.S. Supreme Court has accepted this important property rights case,” said Paul Beard, principal attorney for the foundation.  Read more.......

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