Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ryan - Biden Vice-Presidential Debate - #4288 - Old Smirkin' Joe Biden - American Spectator, Paul Kengor (2) VIDEO: There are Two Paths - Virginia Right (32,102 views) (3) Caught on Tape, Salaried Obama Campaign Worker Helps Undercover Reporter Vote Twice - (169,741 views) Townhall

Very interesting article that details how Biden, as Senator, has humiliated those in confirmation hearings in the past, what to look for tonight. Mark Levin read this article on his radio show last night.
Old Smirkin' Joe Biden - American Spectator - Paul Kengor -  I'd like to share a story on Senator Joe Biden that happened 31 years ago, and may be relevant to Biden's Thursday evening debate with Paul Ryan. It involved Biden's international humiliation of a good man, and it became a habit for Biden. I'm confident Biden may aim to repeat the performance with Paul Ryan in the vice-presidential debate, looking to "Quayle" the youthful Wisconsin congressman in a way worse than Lloyd Bentsen might have done. The "good man" I'm referring to is William P. "Bill" Clark, also known as Judge Clark. Clark, now 80 years old, living in Paso Robles, California, was Ronald Reagan's confidant, closest aide, and single most important adviser in the effort to take down the Soviet Union. He was widely heralded from left to right, from the likes of Maureen Dowd to Lou Cannon to Edmund Morris to Cap Weinberger to Michael Reagan. But before Clark could do the crucial work he did for President Reagan, he had to survive confirmation hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in February 1981....... Biden then expressed his admiration by placing Clark in the stockade, asking him a series of specific questions he knew the judge would not be able to answer. "I sincerely hope you can answer these questions," averred Biden. "Let me begin with southern Africa -- not South Africa, but southern Africa, such as Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mozambique, Angola and so on…. Can you tell me who is the prime minister of South Africa?" Clark answered: "No, sir, I cannot."  Read more.....

There are Two Paths - In the words of Andrew Breitbart, "There are two paths," which we must choose between in this election. Which path will we choose? Will we choose individual freedom and the free market? Or will we choose socialism and a culture that expects government to take care of it? These are not pastel colors or shades of gray. These are two distinctly different choices with two distinct destinations.

Caught on Tape - Salaried Obama Campaign Worker Helps Undercover Reporter Vote Twice - Townhall, 169,741 views. New video from Project Veritas shows an Obama for America campaign staffer providing advice and a ballot to an undercover reporter posing as an Obama activist about how to vote twice in the upcoming presidential election. The activist tells Obama for America Houston Director Stephanie Caballero, who is a salaried employee of the Democratic National Committee, she wants to vote in Texas and in Florida. Former DOJ Attorney Christian Adams explains the legality of the situation. Obama campaign attorney Robert Bauer should be emailing memos to every paid staffer detailing 42 USC 1973i(e) and 42 USC § 1973gg–10(2). The former federal law makes it illegal to vote twice. The latter law prohibits fraudulent voting in a federal election. 18 USC 2 makes it illegal to aid and abet election fraud. Encouraging voter participation of marginal legality is nothing new for the Obama campaign. In 2008, they had an elaborate web portal for college students, encouraging some to register to vote where they went to school, discouraging others. The overall goal was to get students attending college in battleground states registered to vote in those states regardless of their actual domicile. If a student from a battleground state went to college in a safe red or blue state, they were encouraged to keep their registration in their home battleground state. Read more......         Link to Second Undercover Video........

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