Monday, October 29, 2012

Robert Hurt: Virginia 5th District Race - #4335 - Franklin News - Post Letter to the Editor - John Douglass is Arrogant, Lacking Humility (2) Danville Register and Bee Endorses Robert Hurt

Douglass is Arrogant, Lacking Humility - Franklin News - As a child of Virginia’s mountains who took advantage of a Virginia education, served in the Marine Corps, lived in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean and has seen most of the rest of the world, I have to say I am offended by the arrogance of John Douglass and his code names (“Billy Bob and Bobby Jo”) for us ignorant hillbillies in the 5th District for whom he obviously has such low regard. His statement is dripping with derision for the very people he expects will vote for him. My name is also John, but the General (he informed us at the debate in Danville that his name is General Douglas) may call me Captain John. I find him lacking any humility, a quality sadly lacking in Washington. We don’t need any more like him. Robert Hurt has served us well and faithfully and he has answered every request or question I have sent him. I’ll cast my vote for the candidate who is truly a man of the people! John Snidow.

Danville Register & Bee Endorses Robert Hurt - Few politicians have had a rockier road than Robert Hurt. The freshman congressman from Chatham hasn’t struggled at the polls, but his community has struggled with the forces of globalization, offshoring and the need to replace entire industries. But in a career arc that has taken him from Chatham Town Council to the House of Delegates and Virginia Senate to the U.S. House of Representatives, Hurt has not only worked hard for this community, but represented it well. We enthusiastically support Hurt’s re-election to Congress. Hurt’s first two years in Congress have coincided with one of the most partisan eras in American political history. He has been frustrated by the pace of Washington and working with the Senate Democrats. Even this year’s election campaign has been nasty, with allegations that Hurt has a financial interest in Virginia Uranium because his father Henry is an investor. “I don’t know what my father’s interest is or is not,” Hurt said. We take Robert Hurt at his word on that point, even if some of his opponents aren’t willing to do the same. As for the partisan politics of Washington, few politicians have as much ability to work across the aisle as Robert Hurt. Regardless of who wins on Nov. 6, Hurt will be able to work with anyone because we’ve seen him work with members of both parties in the Virginia General Assembly. At the same time, we’re confident that Hurt will remain committed to the core conservative values that have marked his public life — a passion for limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility and personal responsibility. Washington’s pace and partisan gridlock may frustrate Hurt, but it will never change him. It’s inevitable that Hurt will face opposition in every election. The 2010 election was so close, and the Democratic strongholds of Danville and Charlottesville mean that any Democrat already has a head start in the Fifth District. This year’s opponent, retired Brig. Gen. John Douglass, has been a strong, serious and well-qualified candidate. But Robert Hurt has earned the support of Fifth District voters by working hard to make sure that our values are his values, and what’s important to us is communicated in Washington. He has earned another two-year term in Congress.

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