Saturday, October 27, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 - #4331 - Swingmeter: Gallup Party ID Figures Predict Solid Romney Win - Redstate (2) Four Reasons to Vote Romney If You Are a Liberal - Townhall Finance

We always talk about the independent, swing vote in elections because those tend to be the persuadables. But party ID numbers matter as well, because those partisan voters tend to split better than 90/10 for their party. It is for that reason that Gallup’s new partisan ID split, one that mimics what Rasmussen has been saying all along, predicts nothing less than doom for the Democrats, and a solid, national win for Mitt Romney this year. Ignore Gallup’s headline. They’ve buried the lede so far deep, they’ll be fracking in Australia to bring it to the surface. Demographically the country hasn’t changed in a few years, naturally, but the difference between 2008 and 2012 is in the TEA party. The TEA party happened, dictated the 2010 elections, and has now resulted in a large partisan ID and registration shift in this country since. When Rasmussen Reports noted this, and showed it in polling, Nate Silver and his followers scoffed. Just as they did in [2010] when Rasmussen was first to predict the TEA party driven Republican wave, they criticized and insulted the firm that was first to what turned out to be the facts. Now Gallup is in the game, and the numbers are brutal. In 2008, the Democrats had a 39-29 (D+10) advantage in hard party ID, and a 54-42 (D+12) advantage with leaners. In 2012 though, we’re in the post-TEA party era. Republicans now show a 36-35 (R+1) hard party ID advantage, and a 49-46 (R+3) lead with leaners. This gives us a range of party ID swings from 2008, from R+11 to R+15.  Read more........ Article contributed by Steve Peters.

Four Reasons to Vote Romney If You Are a Liberal - Townhall Finance - 1) Romney has successful executive experience that Obama lacks. One of the most legitimate complaints regarding Obama is that he doesn't know how to make decisions or even how to best utilize the people around him. The presidency is an executive office in which the most important requisite is getting people to do their part. Romney can do that; Obama has shown he can not. Romney's history is that of an excellent, forward-thinking executive. 2) Romney understands the risks in our banking system and Obama does not. One could take the position that Romney is a Wall Street fat cat, but Obama's administration is filled with guys from Goldman Sachs, etc.  Read more.......

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