Friday, October 26, 2012

Presidential Election -2012 - #4329 - VIDEO & PHOTOS: Romney/Ryan Victory Rally - Paul Ryan - Welborn Freedom Watch (2) GOP Faithful Welcome Ryan at Albemarle Rally - Daily Progress

Part 1 - Paul Ryan at Romney/Ryan Rally, Charlottesville, Virginia, October 25, 2012. 

Part 2 - Paul Ryan at Romney/Ryan Rally. 

GOP Faithful Welcome Ryan at Albemarle Rally - Daily Progress - Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan hurried down a hill and onto a stage Thursday night in Albemarle County, where he rallied a crowd of about 1,500 gathered at the Crutchfield company headquarters. “Hey, Charlottesville, Virginia,” he said. “Are you ready to help us win this thing?” Campaign officials estimated that a crowd of about 1,500 had gathered around the stage set up in the electronics retailer’s parking lot, where a massive American flag hung from a crane and tractor-trailers displayed campaign signs for Republican candidates. As dusk fell, Ryan gave an 18-minute speech reiterating a message of limited government and fiscal conservatism and urging attendees to support the GOP ticket led by Mitt Romney. “We need serious leadership and solutions to fix our country’s problems,” Ryan said. America doesn’t have to “settle” for an anemic economy under President Barack Obama, Ryan said as he described a bleak outlook for University of Virginia graduates. “It’s a great university,” Ryan said. “… Today, 50 percent of our college graduates are either not working in the field in which they started or not working at all. Look at the future they’re entering into. Look at the economy they’re graduating into.”  Read more.......

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