Friday, October 5, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 - #4271 - VIDEO: Paul Ryan - Romney/Ryan Victory Rally, Fishersville, Virginia 10/4/12 - Welborn Freedom Watch (2) VIDEO: Mitt Romney - Romney/Ryan Victory Rally, Fishersville, Va. - 10/4/12 - Welborn Freedom Watch (3) PHOTOS - Romney/Ryan Victory Rally - Welborn Freedom Watch

What a tremendous event, arrived about 2:50 pm, so I missed the congestion of traffic. Was able to be on the Media stand, so while I was able to get incredible views of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan speaking, people were moving around on the platform, so the video is shaky at times. Hope you enjoy, well worth all the time, they were very inspiring, especially after the best Republican debate in many years.   Link to share these videos........

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