Thursday, October 4, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 - #4269 - VIDEO: Marco Rubio: "This Race Will Never Be the Same After Tonight" - Hannity - Fox (2) VIDEO: Rob Portman: This Was Mitt Romney's Night (3) VIDEO: Romney Wins, Update: CBS Insta-Poll Shows Decisive Romney Victory; Update Romney Crushes Obama in CNN Insta-poll Hot Air - Chris Matthews meltdown (4) VIDEO: Frank Luntz Focus Group (5) Bam! Slam! Pow! Crash! Boom! - Redstate

Marco Rubio: "This Race Will Never Be the Same After Tonight." - Hannity - Fox Rob Portman: "This Was Mitt Romney's Night."

Romney Wins, Update: CBS Inst-Poll Shows Decisive Romney Victory; Update: Romney Crushes Obama in CNN Insta-Poll - Hot Air - I said in the open thread that the media would strain to spin this as an Obama victory, but I assumed that he’d give them something, however small, to work with. He gave them nothing. The Hill’s post-debate headline is “Romney lands punches against subdued Obama in first debate,” but that doesn’t remotely capture it. How bad was it for Team O? Dude: Be sure to see all the twitter feeds in this article.  Here is Chris Matthews below:

FRANK LUNTZ FOCUS GROUP - Video contributed by Steve Peters.

Don't Miss This Article - Great Debate Summary!!! 
Bam! Slam! Pow! Crash! Boom! - Redstate - There was a surreal moment after the debate last night. On CNN, the polling went overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney among debate watchers. Basically two-thirds of the American public who watched the debate claimed Romney won. A majority claimed Romney was with them on taxes, the economy, healthcare, their views of government, etc. He dominated. A CBS poll of undecided voters who watched the debate mirrored the CNN poll. Suddenly the Democrats took to the airwaves and twitter to rail against the polls oversampling Republicans and being too heavily skewed, too instant to be meaningful, and clearly not an accurate statistical sample of anything. About the same time Barack Obama’s campaign team was melting down on television, the campaign sent out an email that did not even mention the Presidential debate. It just wanted more money. The debate was so bad for Barack Obama I expect Eric Holder to send Jim Lehrer to GTMO. Barack Obama suddenly agrees with Republicans on defunding PBS. Without his precious TelePrompTer to feed his Gollumesque addiction to its illuminated, precious words, the President fell flat. Instead of John Kerry for a debate partner, the President should have just gone through airport security a few times or embraced BOHICA as a debate preparation strategy. Read more.......

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