Monday, October 1, 2012

Obamacare - The Kiss of Death - American Thinker (2) Study: GOP Women are More Feminine - Rush - Buzzfeed (3) Federal Judge Dismisses Catholic-Owned Company's Lawsuit Against Obama's Contraceptive Mandate - The Blaze

The Kiss of Death - Obama Lied - Health Care Died - In 2009, Obama addressed a joint session of Congress to lay out his program for health care. He unflinchingly told the assembled elected officials one whopper after another, amid a rising chorus of boos and loud grumbling. It got to be too much for Congressman Joe Wilson, of South Carolina, who shouted, "You lie!" to the president as the latter was speaking. Both political parties roundly condemned Wilson for his outburst. He was called a racist, of course, among other things, and he later apologized for his indiscretion. But Joe Wilson was right on the money. Obama lied to the American people when he said that under ObamaCare, the cost for health care would not go up. He said that the middle class would not spend "a single dime" in increased taxes to pay for it, that ObamaCare would actually reduce the federal deficit by the cost savings it would create, that you could keep your current doctor, and that 30 million more people would have health care coverage. None of this was true. And Obama knew that when he made all these claims. The facts are that Obama and his Democratic Party comrades fudged the numbers, engaged in enormously fraudulent accounting tricks, double-counted Medicare funds, dissembled about what ObamaCare would really entail ("We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."), and completely misinformed Congress and the public about the scope and impact of these new laws and entitlement programs. But now the facts are beginning to roll in, and the Democrats' health care chickens are coming home to roost. Read more.......

Study: GOP Women are More Feminine - Rush - Buzzfeed - RUSH: There's a fascinating new study out that says Democrat women are more likely to look like men. Now, I have suspected this for many moons. In fact, I've gotten close to the edge -- the bounds of proprietary -- in commenting on such things over the years on this program, but it's a story from BuzzFeed. "Can You Tell a Woman's Politics By Looking At Her Face?" and I have long held that you can. "[P]sychologists Colleen Carpinella and Kerri Johnson gave undergraduates at UCLA for a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. The undergrads were significantly better at guessing than would be expected by chance, and they were especially accurate with women. The likely reason, according to the study," why the UCLA students were able to identify Democrat versus Republican women by looking at 'em is... "Republican women are more likely than Democratic ones to have stereotypically feminine facial features." Republican women look more feminine than Democrat women. That's from a UCLA study.  Read more,,,,,,,,

Federal Judge Dismisses Catholic-Owned Company's Lawsuit Against Obama's Contraceptive Mandate - The Blaze - The debate over the Obama administration’s controversial contraception mandate forges on, as individual cases are being waged in courtrooms across America. As TheBlaze reported in July, Catholic-owned employer Hercules Industries won a temporary halt of enforcement against the controversial mandate. While this is the case, a separate company has now lost a similar — and arguably — a more pronounced battle against the Obama administration. On Friday, a decision was granted in a Missouri federal court that will do anything but excite religious conservatives. Judge Carol E. Jackson, who was appointed by President George H. W. Bush, found that the requirement that all employers provide contraception free-of-charge doesn’t infringe upon O’Brien Industrial Holdings, the business at the center of the court battle, and its rights to religious exercise.  Read more......

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