Friday, October 12, 2012

Economy, Jobs and Welfare - #4287 - This Chart Illustrating the Difference Between Job Growth and Welfare Participation over the Last 4 Years is Terrible - The Blaze (2) Cruise Liner Executive Writes Scathing Letter to Obama Over New Regulations - The Blaze

The Senate Budget Committee Republican staff under Ranking Member Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) on Thursday released a chart that should have you worried: “The numbers reflect the change in the total number of people employed and the total number of people on the two largest federal welfare programs, as well as Social Security Disability Insurance, between 2008 and 2012,” the senator’s report explains. “The employment figure was derived using the total nonfarm and seasonally adjusted number of people employed in December of 2008 (134.4 million) and the number of people employed in September 2012 (133.5 million) as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics,” the report adds. The senator’s office also explains that the number of people on food stamps and Medicaid was derived by comparing the number of people on both programs in 2008 (as reported by each agency) and the number the CBO expects to be on each program by 2012. “Overall, there are nearly 80 means-tested federal welfare programs and, according to the Census Bureau, nearly 110 million people in the United States receive benefits from at least one of them,” the report adds.* But instead of trying to limit or control the size of these unwieldy and expensive state run programs, it seems like there are people in the federal government who want more people on these programs.  Read more........

Cruise Liner Executive Writes Scathing Letter to Obama Over New Regulations - The Blaze -
The most common complaints by business-owners against the current administration tend to revolve around the economic uncertainty and increased regulation that have made it next to impossible to plan for the future. Stephanie Gallagher, the president of World City America Inc., is lending her voice to the fray after the Obama administration reportedly moved to prevent American cruise liners from being eligible to get the long-term financing under Title XI that makes building something as massive as a cruise ship possible. As Royal Caribbean acquires its third Oasis-class ship from Finland, Gallagher writes that World City America has invested over a decade and $60 million in designing a “superior product” that would be built in America, by Americans, and paying taxes to the U.S. government. “Having demonstrated that our plan would be economically sound, would not cost the taxpayers anything, would not increase the debt but would improve the deficit, the only way to push us off the cliff was to enact policy that preempted the nation’s ship financing program from being used to build cruise ships. That’s what the Obama Administration did,” Gallagher claims.  Read more........

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