Saturday, October 6, 2012

Barack Obama - #4273 - VIDEO: New RNC Ad: "Smirk"(675,577 views) (2) Obama Administration to Withdraw Millions of Alaska Acres from Development - Human Events (3) Rush: See I Told You So; Regime Manipulates the Jobless Numbers Below 8% by Election Day

RNC Ad: "Smirk"  - (675,577 views)  What is behind the smirk, was he thinking about all the plans he has for us if he wins, pay back time?

Obama Administration to Withdraw Millions of Alaske Acres from Development - Human Events -  The Obama administration’s plan to lock up nearly half of the National Petroleum Reserve from energy production has drawn criticism from key Alaska officials and Iñupiat Eskimos who say the plan is unacceptable and should be canceled. The 23 million acre reserve on Alaska’s north slope was set aside by Congress 90 years ago to preserve the domestic supply of oil and gas, and critics say the proposal shelves the most prosperous lands. At a minimum, the administration’s proposed management plan would add uncertainty and delay development projects at a time when the U.S. badly needs both the energy and the jobs,” said Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska). “It begs the question, if we can’t develop (the reserve), where will this administration let us develop? Their proposed management plan is unacceptable to me and as long as I’m in Washington D.C., these recommendations will never see the light of day.” Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell, a Republican, officially withdrew the state from further cooperation with the Interior Department unless the plan is canceled. The “surprise announcement” and “complete failure” of the federal government to consider numerous concerns expressed by the state “shows a complete lack of respect for the views of the state,” Parnell said in a Sept. 12 letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.  Read more.........

Rush: See, I Told You Sp.  Regime Manipulates the Jobless Numbers Below 8% by Election Day - There you have it, folks. The economy's back. The stimulus worked. The job council's programs all worked. Obamacare worked. Look at all the jobs, 114,000 new jobs created, and as I told you last December, this would happen. The unemployment rate under 8%. It's 7.9, but it doesn't matter, 7.8, 7.9, whatever's after the decimal point doesn't matter. It's the seven that matters, and the reason it does is that no incumbent president has ever been reelected with the unemployment rate over 8%. It's that simple.........Barack Obama has decided that the only way to lower the unemployment rate is to kill off jobs. The unemployment rate went down one-tenth of a percent from 8.2% to 8.1%, but the number of people who left the labor force is at an all-time high. And that happened again this time. People left the labor force. They also, for this report, look at the household number versus the establishment number. We've mentioned this a couple times before. The establishment number is somewhat scientifically based. That's 114,000 jobs that were created last month in September. As a point of comparison, 163,000 jobs were created in July. So 163,000 in July, 114,000 in September, that's not even enough jobs to keep up with the population rate. The only way that 114,000 new jobs can lower the unemployment rate is if people are not in the workforce by even greater numbers. If the labor market is shrinking, the overall universe of jobs, called the labor force participation rate, is shrinking, the number of people in the labor force shrinks, the only way you can make this happen. That number's 114,000.  Read more.......

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