Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Atlas Shrugged II - #4299 - VIDEO: - Movie Trailer - Atlas Shruged, Part II - (879,405 views) (2) 'Atlas Shrugged' Film Banks on Election Fever - Wall Street Journal

I saw this film over the weekend, if this doesn't motivate you to help get out the Romney vote, nothing will.
Movie Trailer - Atlas Shrugged Part II - 879,405 views.

Atlas Shrugged II' film banks on Election fever - Wall Street Journal - To a strict bottom-line capitalist, the new movie "Atlas Shrugged Part II" might not look like a model enterprise. "Atlas Shrugged Part I," released last year, cost businessman John Aglialoro about $25 million (and 19 years) to bring to the screen. Its domestic box-office take was a tepid $4.6 million. Critics' reviews, arguably, were worse. Few flops earn sequels. But Mr. Aglialoro, chief executive of exercise-equipment maker Cybex International CYBI +1.06% and a longtime disciple of "Atlas Shrugged" author Ayn Rand, thinks the timing is right. Rebuffed by Hollywood, he and fellow producer Harmon Kaslow, whose horror credits include "Cemetery Gates" and "Boo," have built their own studio, hopeful that a nation embroiled in debate over the distribution of wealth will put "Part II" in the black. The urgency quickened when Mitt Romney named as his running mate another Rand acolyte, Rep. Paul Ryan (though he has soft-pedaled his enthusiasm for her in the campaign). The movie hits theaters Oct. 12. Business leaders, meanwhile, are mysteriously vanishing. It turns out they're going on strike, fed up with supporting the world—hence the title. They decamp to a hidden gulch and pledge to "never live for the sake of another man." The heroine, Dagny Taggart, is desperately trying to save her family's railroad company and discovers possible salvation in a motor that could generate limitless energy by capturing static electricity from the air. But its inventor, John Galt, already has taken his leave. Read more....... Now playing in Charlottesville, Va. at Downtown Regal.........

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