Thursday, September 20, 2012

Virginia 5th District Race - #4230 - Robert Hurt Releases First TV Ad - 'Always' (2) Robert Hurt Votes to Uphold Welfare Work Requirements (H.J. 118)

Robert Hurt Releases First TV Ad ' 'Always' - Our opponent, Washington DC insider and lobbyist John Douglass, has spent the last months of his campaign personally attacking Robert and his family. Douglass has now taken to the airwaves using the same dishonest line of attack that Tom Perriello tried, saying that Robert has an interest in uranium mining in Virginia. These accusations were false in 2010 (as even Politifact confirmed) and they are false now. Robert has no interest in uranium mining in Virginia or anywhere else and any suggestion otherwise is a lie – plain and simple. In fact, Douglass’ pitiful attack is just more of the same Washington DC gutter politics we have come to expect from his campaign. This is clearly to distract from his own record of lobbying congress to sell sensitive satellite technology to the Chinese – while lobbying lobbying against “buy American” provisions for our armed forces . . Robert’s record of fighting for the people of the 5th District and fighting against the special interests in Washington that have put us on the edge of the fiscal cliff we find ourselves on now is clear.

Robert Hurt Votes to Uphold Welfare Work Requirements - Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia) released the following statement after voting in favor of H.J. Res 118, a joint resolution which expresses Congressional disapproval of the President’s effort to weaken welfare reform and prevents the Administration from implementing its plan to waive the work requirements of the 1996 welfare reform law: “The 1996 welfare reforms signed into law with bipartisan support were critical to reforming a broken welfare system and to helping Americans get back onto their feet again by assisting them in getting back to work. These reforms decreased the number of those receiving welfare, strengthened income security for countless families, and empowered Americans across this country to realize their ability to provide for themselves and for their families. Recently, the Administration has acted to circumvent standing law and waive critical 1996 welfare reform provisions, including the welfare-to-work provision. At a time when so many are struggling in this stalled economy, the people of the 5th District and Americans across this country want a job – not a government handout. While the House has been working to adopt pro-growth policies and create jobs in our local communities, I am proud to have cast my vote today for this resolution which will preserve this critical component to our nation’s welfare program, empower Americans to achieve more, and ensure that the program is both viable and sustainable for those that need it most.”

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