Saturday, September 15, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 - #4214 - VIDEO: The Real Mitt Romney: Beck Interviews People Whose Lives Have Been Touched by the GOP Nominee - The Blaze

The Real Mitt Romney : Beck Interviews People Whose Lives Have Been Touched by the GOP Nominee - The Blaze - On Friday evening, Glenn Beck interviewed people from Mitt Romney’s past, including the Nixon family, who were comforted by the Republican presidential nominee following a horrific car accident that left two of its members quadriplegics. Also on the set was Bryce Clark, a man mentored by Romney, Ken Smith, a former director for a Boston shelter for homeless veterans, and Reed Fisher, whose home was damaged by wildfires. One of the common criticisms leveled against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is that he almost comes across as being “too” put-together and restrained when it comes to showing emotion. While Ann Romney has provided much warmth and been a good focal point for campaign-watchers seeking insight into the softer-side of her husband, those whose lives have been touched and changed for the better by the GOP nominee are speaking out to share their personal stories of compassion, comfort and support. Unlike the president, whose critics often cite the unusual nature of his seeming lack of friends, peers, colleagues and girlfriends from the past, Romney’s life appears to have been full of personal connections with everyday people who remember him fondly. In Beck’s Dallas studio, they shared their very personal stories about Romney, painting a poignant and human picture of the presidential candidate. To view two more videos from people whose lives were touched by Romney............

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