Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fauquier Farms - Private Property Rights - #4196 - LATEST UPDATE: The Environmentalist's Police and Welfare State - American Thinker

The story about the abuses by Fauquier County against Martha Boneta, the farmer, of pitchfork protest fame, just gets creepier and creepier. It also exposes how environmental groups combine unlawfully with government to impose dangerous anti-property rights agendas. Martha, as you may have already read, was fined by Fauquier County, Virginia for selling her farm produce and holding a birthday party for eight little girls. The Fauquier County board of zoning appeals ruled for the county (surprise!), claiming that even though Martha had a business license, she should have gotten other more restrictive permits, including one that requires farmers to divert water from their crops and livestock to their driveways during hot, dry spells, or else face fines. Fauquier County also recently passed a winery ordinance that blatantly violates property rights and civil liberties. It gives Fauquier zoning administrator Kimberley Johnson discretion to create penalties and to prohibit private personal gatherings.....A local but powerful group called the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) wholeheartedly backed that illegal, anti-liberty winery ordinance. The PEC seems to have an unusual if not disturbing amount of influence over Fauquier County officials. On the board of the PEC sit some powerful people, including one former IRS commissioner perhaps known best for the suspicious audits of Bill Clinton's detractors during her reign...... Read more.......

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