Monday, September 3, 2012

Defense Budget & Sequestration - #4181 - Increasing Taxes Is Not a Solution to Poorly Planned Sequestration - Heritage Foundation

The defense budget will suffer the greatest proportion of cuts under the Budget Control Act’s “sequestration” procedures, Heritage experts Steven Bucci and Alison Fraser explain. “These cuts are alarmingly disproportionate: 43 percent of the sequestration cuts would come from defense, though it is only 11 percent of total spending, Bucci and Fraser write. Congress needs to undo the cuts to defense and instead offset them with cuts elsewhere. They should not raise taxes on Americans to bolster defense readiness. Raising taxes for defense would only increase the sting of the massive Taxmageddon tax hikes coming January 1. Rather, President Obama and Congress need to sit down and hash out a common-sense budget: The ideal solution is for the Administration and Congress to solve the budget impasse today, as each day delayed makes it more difficult for defense suppliers and military leaders to plan ahead in a very risky world. Thus, staying within the spending cuts agreed to within the BCA means offsetting sequestration with spending cuts elsewhere. Every day without a deal that replaces dangerous defense cuts with cuts elsewhere increases the risk to America: Like Taxmageddon and the economy, sequestration is hurting defense now. Congress and the President should protect defense—this is not negotiable, despite the wishes of some on Capitol Hill, and it is not an ideological issue, as some have tried to portray it. Gambling with the readiness and security of America is not leadership; it is exactly the opposite.  To see larger image of graft........

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