Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Barack Obama - #4245 - President Obama Declares the Future Must Not Belong to Practicing Christians - Redstate (2) VIDEO: Obama by the Numbers - Glenn Beck Reveals What the Economy Looks Like After 4 Years of Obama - The Blaze (3) Michael Barone: Obama's War on Young Voters Who Elected Him - Washington Examiner

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly today the President of the United States declared that the future does not belong to practicing Christians. Already, the media and the left are in full denial, probably based on their general lack of understanding of theology. This would have been a gaffe had Mitt Romney said it. But with Barack Obama, he’s just speaking bold truths. His bold truth declares that the future does not belong to practicing Christians. Pay careful attention to what he says. The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Yet to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see when the image of Jesus Christ is desecrated, churches are destroyed, or the Holocaust is denied. Let us condemn incitement against Sufi Muslims, and Shiite pilgrims. It is time to heed the words of Gandhi: “Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.” Together, we must work towards a world where we are strengthened by our differences, and not defined by them. That is what America embodies, and that is the vision we will support. Now, that’s the full paragraph so no one can claim I took him out of context. But consider this. It is an orthodox Christian belief that Mohammed is not a prophet. Actual Christians, as opposed to many of the supposed Christians put up by the mainstream media, believe that Christ is the only way to salvation. Believing that is slandering Mohammed. That’s just a fact. If you don’t believe me, you go into the MIddle East and proclaim Christ is the way, the truth, and the life and see what happens to your life.  Read more..........

'Obama by the Numbers'- Glenn Beck Reveals What the Economy Looks Like After 4 Years of Obama - The Blaze - During Tuesday’s edition of his show on TheBlazeTV, Glenn Beck took a detailed look into what the United States looked like before President Obama took office and compared it to where we are as a nation today. Beck’s findings are, to put it lightly, damaging to the president’s re-election hopes. In a video segment titled “Obama by the Numbers,” Beck seemingly answers this nagging question once and for all: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” The answer, at least by the numbers, is a resounding “no.Here are some of the highlights from the video: (1) U.S. went from No. 1 in global competitiveness in 2008-2009 to No.7 in 2011-2012. (2) Average cost of college tuition increase from $6,591 in 2009 to $8,244 in 2012 (3) The price of gasoline skyrocketed from $1.85-per-gallon in 2009 to $3.86-per-gallon in 2012 (4) The Obama administration has added 11,327 new pages of government regulations (5) Federal debt has ballooned from $10.6 trillion in 2009 to $16.06 trillion in 2012. 

Michael Barone: Obama's War on Young Voters Who Elected Him - Washington Examiner - In 2008, voters under 30 preferred Barack Obama over John McCain by a 66 to 32 percent margin. Among older voters, Obama led McCain by 50 to 49 percent. How has Obama paid back the Millennial generation, which provided almost all his margin of victory? With what American Interest superblogger Walter Russell Mead calls "Obama's war on the young." ........At the same time, Obama vows to resist any changes in Medicare, which is on a trajectory to welsh on its obligations well before the first Millennial turns 65. For the young, Obama promises to expand college loans. But just as housing policies created a housing bubble, college loan policies have created a higher education bubble. The flood of money has been captured by colleges and universities through above-inflation tuition increases and administrative bloat. But the Obama administration does not crack down on them, but on graduates or dropouts with thousands in college loan debt, which they can't escape through bankruptcy.  Read entire article........

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