Monday, September 24, 2012

Barack Obama - #4238 - VIDEO" Gas Can Man Bringing $1.84 Gasoline to Charlottesville on Tuesday - Schilling Show Blog (2) VIDEO: 'My Name is America' - If the Statue of Liberty Could Speak She Might say This.......(767,242 views)

Gas Can Man Bringing $1.84 Gasoline to Charlottesville, Va. on Tuesday - Schilling Show Blog -, in conjunction with The Schilling Show, is bringing $1.84 per gallon gasoline to Charlottesville on Tuesday, September 25. Between noon and 2 PM drivers will be able to purchase up to 15 gallons of gasoline at the same price it was when Barack Obama took office nearly four years ago. Location details to be announced on Tuesday morning at 11 AM on Rob Schilling’s Facebook page (click here to join), and later that morning on the air at WINA 1070 AM. The Schilling Show thanks Gas Can Man and Steve Gill for treating the Democratic Socialist Republic of Charlottesville to the under-appreciated fruits of capitalism.

My Name is America - If the Statue of Liberty Could Speak She Might Say This.......767,242 views Written by Kurt Orning, "My Name Is America" is a powerful patriotic anthem that speaks to the hearts of Americans. "If the Statue of Liberty Could speak, what would she say?" She has seen dreamers and friends come and go in the harbor, she has watched ships sail away with our military to protect and defend, yet she sees them come back not quite as full as when they left and she has much she could say. The song says" We are challenged by tyrants who envy our power." These tyrants come in many different forms of evil and our power comes from God our creator. The song continues to speak to the hearts of Americans, Proof of how well it is speaking is the fact that it has climbed to number 1 on the Country Chart! Though certainly a proud American song, other countries have seen tremendous response to it also and several stations have contacted Todd for interviews. "My Name is America" has broken into other charts as well, including the majors. If you hear it on your local radio station, please call and tell them you liked it! For more information please visit and http:/// .

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