Monday, September 17, 2012

Barack Obama - #4218 - Obama Destabilized the Middle East on Purpose - American Thinker

The same debate we've seen over Obama's destruction of the American economy has already begun over his Middle East policy........... If a consistent principle can be deduced, it is that Obama wants to avoid doing anything that might advance U.S. interests. Maybe that's the answer, or maybe he just doesn't care enough to formulate a real policy. Be that as it may, one thing is clear: but for Obama's feckless participation in the overthrow of Egypt's and Libya's governments, yesterday's events would not have happened. The answer, of course, is both incompetence and ideology. Muddle-headed ideologues of the left, such as our president, want America to be brought down to size. They truly believe that violent jihadi hate-groups can be tamed by appeasement, because the evil parties are Israel and America. Mubarak was the reason there have been no attacks by Arab states on Israel for thirty years. The 1979 Camp David accords neutralized Egypt as a player in the Arab war against Israel. To protect his own life and power, Mubarak kept the Muslim Brothers of Egypt under control. In return, Egypt has been receiving a billion and a half dollars a year -- payoff money from the United States. President Obama fought Congress tooth and nail on imposing economic sanctions against Iran this year -- already too little, too late. According to vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, the White House did everything they could to stop Congress from requiring sanctions, and then they used the waiver provision to gut them. There is no benign explanation for this. Left-wing anti-colonialists -- and our president is one -- think Iran will use its nuclear weapons responsibly. One of the most chilling visuals in 2016: Obama's America is a map of the world's nuclear arsenals. Obama has already cut our nuclear warhead arsenal from 5,000 to 1,500 (in an "arms treaty" that allowed Russia to increase its arsenal). He has asked the Pentagon to report to him on reducing our nuclear warheads to 300. That's about the same number as France. Pakistan has 110 nuclear weapons. Obama, it seems, believes in equality in national defense, as well as in class warfare. Read more......

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