Friday, August 31, 2012

Virginia 5th District Race - #4176 - VIDEO: John Douglass Town Hall, Democratic Candidate for Va. 5th District Strikes Conservative, Viewed 5,352 times (2) Daily Progress Editorial: Political Smackdown - John Douglass Strikes Conservative (3) President Obama Campaigns in Charlottesville, But Who's AWOL? John Douglass, Candidate for Va. 5th District - Bearing Drift

John Douglass, Democrat Candidate for Virginia 5th District, Strikes Conservative in Farmville,August 21, 2012. This clip has been viewed 5,352 times.

Political Smackdown - Daily Progress Editorial - Well, that wasn’t very smart. Fifth Congressional District candidate John Douglass was filmed hitting, with a folded sheaf of letter-sized papers, the camera of a staffer for the opposition who was following and videoing him. The 8-second clip hit YouTube and sparked controversy from both sides. While at a campaign event in Farmville, Democrat Douglass is heard saying that the event is “private” and seen leaning toward the videographer to strike the camera with the papers. The videographer repeats: “It’s a public event. It’s a public event.” We understand that the event was held at a library, a public venue. The videographer had been given permission to film there, according to Rep. Robert Hurt’s campaign. Republican Hurt and Democrat Douglass are contesting for the 5th District seat. Private event or not, smacking a camera carried by an opposition staffer certainly wasn’t very smart. Campaigns now trail their opponents, filming events to record candidates’ views and stands in order to plan rebuttals but also potentially to catch those candidates in contradictions or embarrassments. It’s something for which all candidates must prepare these days. We understand that in the heat and stress of campaigning, a candidate can make mistakes. The ubiquitous presence of cameras only makes that stress worse. But candidates ought to resist such pressures. Swatting at a camera operated by the opposition is a loss of control that produces inevitably negative consequences.

President Obama Campaigns in Charlottesville, but Who's AWOL? - John Douglass, 5th District Candidate - Bearing Drift - President Barack Obama made his second campaign appearance in Charlottesville in two years today, speaking to a crowd of about 6,500 people at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion after turning down an offer to use the John Paul Jones Arena by the University of Virginia. As I explained yesterday on WINA-AM radio, the Obama campaign knew it could not fill the arena and the optics of the President speaking to thousands of empty seats would not serve him well. As late as Monday, it looked like Obama would not even be able to fill the Pavilion, when the campaign sheepishly announced that it not been able to distribute 3,500 free tickets that had been made available. In the event, however, more people decided to attend and an overflow venue was provided at the Paramount theater so that they could watch the speeches on a big-screen TV. The program included Obama, whose theme was “you made it happen” — an attempt to take back his “You didn’t build that” comment in Roanoke a few weeks ago — as well as former Governor Tim Kaine, now a candidate for the U.S. Senate, and former Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello, both of whom were acknowledged by President Obama in his remarks. Who was missing? Current Fifth District congressional candidate John Douglass. He did not speak, and he apparently was not even available for a photo opportunity with the Chief Executive. It’s possible that Douglass was not invited because he may turn out to be a drag on the ticket. According to internal polling data released today by incumbent Congressman Robert Hurt’s campaign, Douglass is trailing Hurt (R-Chatham) by 18 points. (The poll was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies.)  Read more..........

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  1. Re Douglass being AWOL at the most recent Obama clusterfest, the question to ponder is who is avoiding whom?

    Douglass seems to perceive Obama's coattails may not be long enough to do the job.

    It could also be the case Obama may have told Douglass that his (Douglass's) baggage - down >15% in the recent poll and with his disgusting videoed bullying problem - Obama can't stand to be seen hanging around with a likely loser in a ostensibly liberal region that likely will turn out to be a squeaker, at best.