Thursday, August 23, 2012

Virginia 5th District Race - #4151 - John Douglass Townhall, Democratic Candidate for 5th District, Strikes Conservative at Public Forum - The American Mavrerick

John Douglass Strikes Conservative at Public Forum - The American Maverick - Video obtained by The American Maverick shows Democrat candidate for Congress, John Douglass, striking a conservative camera operator at a public event in Farmville, Virginia, on Tuesday, August 21. John Douglass is speaking with two individuals at a public information forum. The individual filming the interaction suddenly is confronted by Democrat Douglass. Douglass gathers papers in his fist then abruptly steps forward to strike the camera and camera operator. The camera operator clearly states, "...this is a public event. A public event." The operator was a young conservative covering the public forum and how voters were interacting with Douglass. The camera operator quickly steps away from Douglass' aggressive action. Neither the operator or the equipment sustained serious injury. This incident underscores the instability of John Douglass in seeking Virginia's 5th Congressional seat. What were questions about his demeanor and ability to represent the 5th District with class, now seem confirmed with this public outburst in Farmville. Many had considered his past military experience to be a benefit. Now it seems Douglass may not have the temperament to serve in a public role to represent Virginia's largest geographic Congressional District. Lately, the former General has been staging mock debates and public forums in a attempt to drum up some press for his campaign. With low turnout at his events, minimal media response and squandering campaign money flow it seems the temper of the former General has got the best of him.


  1. Certainly assault. Possibly assault and battery. GOP should take this national and drum this jerk out of the race. This is many levels above the 'macaca' nonsense of 2006

  2. I agree, more to come on this incident and the Seniors Forum that was held recently.

  3. This video has had over 9,270 views since being posted on YouTube in 2 different incarnations in just 2.5 weeks. Poor John Douglass just doesn't get it. By not apologizing, he has created another negative view: that he is arrogant in addition to being ill-tempered. You can see the videos and their counters here: