Tuesday, August 28, 2012

US Presidential Election 2012 - #4164 - Reporting from Republican National Convention - Bearing Drift

While much of the planned activities on the first day of the Republican National Convention were canceled due to Tropical Storm Isaac, Norm Leahy caught up with Virginia's lieutenant governor and attorney general. 
Mitt Romney's Virginia campaign chairman, LG Bill Bolling, explains what the GOP expects to accomplish at the convention and a little election strategy in Virginia. Bolling says that Virginia is a purple state and that between 6-10% of the population will likely determine the outcome of the election. He sees the election of downticket races also being very tied to the outcome of the presidential campaign. And, he states that turnout in Northern Virginia (Loudoun and Fairfax), Richmond (Henrico and Chesterfield), and Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach and Chesapeake) will be crucial for the ultimate winner.
During Leahy's interview with AG Ken Cuccinelli, the focus turns to Paul Ryan and the enthusiasm he brings to the Romney ticket. Cuccinelli claims that measuring campaign momentum and enthusiasm sometimes is undetectable in short term polling and discusses the "art" of campaigns over the science. However, he is pleased that Ryan has brought "math" into the conversation, while Obama continues to rely on the politics of fear. Brian Kirwin kicked off our coverage today with his column "The Top 10 Questions for the Conventions", to which Kirwin concludes, "It’s Romney’s task to lift Americans in despair to believe that they can succeed. If a majority of middle class Americans think they need to rely on government to survive, Obama has his re-election in the bag. But if Americans want to work and provide for themselves, and believe that opportunity will exist with President Romney, this campaign is his."
We've also found out that Virginia is going to play a prominent role in this convention - not only is the delegation seated in the front row, but Del. Barbara Comstock is one of three speakers who will nominate Mitt Romney and Gov. Bob McDonnell, chairman of the platorm committee, and his daughter Jeanine will also be speaking, as well as new Virginian, former Democratic congressman Artur Davis.  Complete Convention Program ........  More information on links mentioned.......

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