Sunday, August 5, 2012

Restoring Love Rally-Dallas, Texas - #4102 -PHOTOS: Glenn Beck: For Whom Beck's Bell Tolls - American Thinker

Affectionately dubbed "Beckstock," Restoring Love was held in Dallas, Texas, from July 25 to 28. It was the third of Glenn Beck's three "Restoring" rallies. Restoring Love was a four-day meet-and-greet-the-politicians/volunteer mega-marathon/gala stadium hootenanny. The two previous rallies were Restoring Honor (in Washington, D.C.) and Restoring Courage (in Israel). Using the three theological virtues -- faith, hope and charity -- Beck formulated his own three derivatives -- honor, courage, and love -- to encourage Americans to embrace the best of our country's traditions. Restoring Love punctuated the attention given to the Bible Belt (Dallas, Texas, in particular) as a refuge for people espousing the American ideals expressed by the country's Founding Fathers. Beck's Saturday night finale for the whole Restoring Love event took place at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Sixty thousand (60,000) people shared in the excitement of the beginning of what Beck himself referred to as a "Third Awakening."  Read more......

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