Monday, August 20, 2012

Presidential Elections 2012 - #4141 - What Role Will Gary Johnson Play in the Election? - The Blaze

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson probably won’t win the presidential election this year — but that’s not to say he won’t have an effect on its final outcome. Johnson, who briefly participated in the Republican presidential primaries before switching over to the Libertarians, is polling at about 5 percent nationwide, according to Fox News. However, despite a poor showing in nationwide polls, he does have some pull in key battleground states, including New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada. “He was rating at 13 percent in New Mexico and 9 percent in Arizona in recent polling — not enough to win, but certainly enough to disadvantage whichever major-party candidate he’s drawing votes away from,” Joseph Weber writes for The Johnson campaign has recognized this as a definite possibility. “Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gov. Gary Johnson Could Deprive Mitt Romney of 5 battleground states, 74 Electoral Votes, 27% of the Electoral Votes needed to win in 2012,” The Libertarian Party said in an email earlier this week.  Read more........

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