Monday, August 20, 2012

Presidential Election 2012 - #4142 - Pat Boone to Newsmax: Paul Ryan's Plan Will Help, Not Hurt Seniors - Newsmax

Legendary singer Pat Boone tells Newsmax in an exclusive interview thatseniors should not fear Paul Ryan’s plan to help save Medicare and Medicaid as much as they should fear President Obama’s alternative. “The way we’re going with Obama we cannot afford it. We can’t go on giving you the kind of benefits you want, or are used to, because the money is gone,” charged Boone in an exclusive interview this week.We’re wading terribly in debt and unless somebody like Romney and whoever he chooses — now it’s Ryan — step in and strengthen, and reform all of the entitlements they’re doomed. They’re already down the drain.” Boone said he prayed that Romney would choose the 42-year-old Wisconsin congressman to be his running mate. Ryan gained national prominence for proposing sweeping budget reforms to tackle the nation’s burgeoning debt and struggling entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid as chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee. “I’ve been hoping and praying for this very choice before he was really considered in the top three, four or five,” confided Boone, who is a spokesman for the 60 Plus Association, which is the nation’s leading conservative seniors’ organization. I kept wanting to yell, ‘Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan” because he, I believe, is the quintessential perfect choice for Romney.” Describing Ryan as a “young Reagan out of heartland America,” Boone called him the perfect rebuttal to the Democratic Party’s platform committee endorsement of same-sex marriage on Aug. 11 as well as President Obama’s “recent evolutionary thought process in favoring same-sex marriage.” Read more.........

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