Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Obamacare - Medicare - #4128 - VIDEO: New Romney Ad Hits Obama on Medicare - Hot Air (34,424 views) (2) Yuval Levin: Obamacare Changed Everything - National Review Online

New Roomney Ad Hits Obama on Medicare - Hot Air -  34,424 views, There’s another promise he made. You know that every time you get a paycheck you see there’s a deduction there. It’s going to Medicare. It’s going into a trust account to make sure that when you retire, that there’s a health program there that will care for you. One of the things the President did which I find extraordinary, something he never mentioned when he was running for office. You see, when he ran for office, he said he’d protect Medicare. But did you know that he’s taken $716 billion out of the Medicare trust fund. He’s raided that trust fund. And you know what he did with it? He’s used it to pay for Obamacare, a risky, unproven federal government takeover of health care. And if I’m President of the United States, we’re putting the $716 billion back. Guy Benson recommends this post from Yuval Levin yesterday at the Corner (below) arguing that the GOP should welcome a Medicare debate for precisely this reason. It’s not merely that Medicare will go bust in a few years if the Democrats’ 59-point plan to do nothing whatsoever about it is put in place. It’s that The One’s already stripped Medicare in order to fund his new pet boondoggle, which gives Republicans plenty of political cover to be aggressive on this issue — provided that they talk about it the right way. If they don’t, major backfire. Philip Klein explains:  Read more.......

Rush Also mentioned this article today on his radio show:
Obamacare Changed Everything - Yuval Levin - National Review Online - Watching some of the Sunday shows yesterday and reading the usual suspects online, I was struck by how even knowledgeable liberals still do not understand what Obamacare has done to them. They have a sense that health care is no longer a good issue for them, that it might have cost them the 2010 elections and will hurt in 2012, but they haven’t grasped that Medicare — which for decades has been a trusty battering ram against Republicans in the contest for the votes of seniors and others — is also no longer their issue. This becomes evident in part when you consider that the arguments the Democrats naturally fall back upon regarding Medicare are just false now. So for instance David Axelrod on CNN’s State of the Union referred to “Congressman Ryan’s idea that we should turn Medicare into a voucher program, shifting thousands of dollars ultimately onto the backs of seniors.” But that’s simply a lie — Ryan’s actual Medicare proposal (which Romney has backed) simply doesn’t shift costs to seniors.  Read more.........

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