Saturday, August 18, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood - #4138 - Report: Muslim Brotherhood 'Crucifies' Opponents, Clamps Down on Secular Media - The Blaze

As the Muslim Brotherhood continues to solidify its ever-expanding power in Egypt, several Arabic news agencies — including Arab News, Al Khabar News, Dostor Watany and Egypt Now — are reporting that opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood were “crucified” in Egypt last week, the Algemeiner reports. While we can’t independently verify the accuracy of the various reports, crucifixion would signal a significant shift in tactics in the way the Muslim Brotherhood deals with opponents. The Algemeiner provides a translation of an excerpt of one relevant report: A Sky News Arabic correspondent in Cairo confirmed that protestors belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood crucified those opposing Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi naked on trees in front of the presidential palace while abusing others. Likewise, Muslim Brotherhood supporters locked the doors of the media production facilities of 6-October [a major media region in Cairo], where they proceeded to attack several popular journalists. Raymond Ibrahim, a fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an associate fellow at the Middle East Forum, says the escalation is the product of what the media in the Middle East call “partisans.” “Arabic media call them ‘supporters,‘ ’followers,‘ and ’partisans’ of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Ibraham said, adding that the “partisans” will not discriminate and both Egyptians and Christians may be targeted.  Read more.........

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