Sunday, August 5, 2012

London Olympics - #4100 - God Has Used 'Ups and Downs' of Volleyball, U.S. Captain Says - Baptist Press

In one way, Reid Priddy hopes that the London Olympics won't be a repeat of what happened in Beijing. Four years ago, tragedy struck the men's volleyball squad when Todd Bachman, the father-in-law of team coach Hugh McCutcheon, was stabbed and killed at the Drum Tower in Beijing shortly after the Opening Ceremony. In another sense, however, Priddy would take the same result from the competition itself: the men's team won gold in 2008 and Priddy, now the team's captain, thinks he and his teammates can do it again. "Gold is certainly possible," Priddy said. "I don't think the rest of the world thinks it's probable, and that's OK. They didn't think that before." London marks Priddy's third Olympics experience, and at age 34, he knows he's in the latter years of his professional volleyball career. But regardless of when the end comes, Priddy knows that the Lord has guided his steps, deepened his faith and molded him along the way. "I find that God has really used volleyball and the ups and downs and the learning aspects to shape my character, and it's a great arena for that," Priddy said. "It's a great arena to learn how to be a team player, how to put a team's goal above any personal agenda, how to work with other people."  Read more.......

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