Monday, July 16, 2012

Voter I.D. Laws - #4045 - Voter Purge Efforts Likely to Spread After Florida Victory in Database Case - Newsmax (2) Texas Winning the Fight for Ballot Integrity? - American Thinker (3) Fighting Voter Fraud - American Thinker

Florida election officials will have access to a federal database to help purge its voter rolls of non-citizens under an agreement reached between state and federal officials and welcomed on Saturday by Florida's Republican governor. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will allow state officials to access the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) database. Florida and federal officials have been battling over access to the database for several weeks. Florida filed a lawsuit against the Homeland Security Department to gain access to the database. The state was hit by a lawsuit from the U.S. Justice Department seeking to stop the purge. Now other states are expected to ask for access to the database so they too can check their rolls. Some state governments have sought access to the federal database for years. Federal officials told Washington state back in 2005 they saw no way to compare voters and the Homeland Security information. Colorado has sought the federal data for a year. The Centennial State, which has a Democratic governor but a Republican secretary of state, Scott Gessler, has identified about 5,000 registered voters that it wants to check against the federal information. Officials in the politically competitive states of Ohio, Michigan, New Mexico and Iowa — all led by GOP governors — are backing his efforts.  Read more........  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

**Note:  WHAT CAN YOU DO IN VIRGINIA?:  We need to stay on the Virginia State Board of Elections to get our voter rolls cleaned of names that are not supposed to be on the lists.   Please send an email to: - asking him to get the ERIC program implemented and to ask all of the local registrar's to purge the voter registration lists before August 6th (Federal DOJ has ninety days prior to federal election rules).  Of course we aren't supposed to worry that the names may be of a dead person, felon, or someone who has moved out the district in which they are registered.

Texas Winning the Fight for Ballot Integrity? - American Thinker - According to at least one Texas news source Friday, things are not going too well for the Department of Justice in the Texas Voter ID lawsuit. "Texas Demolishes USDOJ's Case Against Voter ID", screams the headline from WOAI radio in San Antonio. Amidst the week's slanted coverage from most Main-stream press sources, a few largely un-noticed nuggets of truth have slipped out here and there. Notably, DOJ's first witness, Texas Democratic State Rep, Trey Martinez-Fischer was completely discredited by Texas AG Abbott's staff. For a period of 13-months, Martinez-Fischer publicly used his own 73-yr old Mother as a political weapon, contending that she epitomizes elderly citizens who do not have proper ID, and would thus be disenfranchised by the state's new law. Read more.......  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

Fighting Voter Fraud - American Thinker Many conservatives have viewed the very real problem of voter fraud in America as a guarantee that the left will be able to use this nefarious means to steal crucial elections. There is little doubt that leftists would do this if they could, and in some cases they have succeeded (just ask former Senator Norm Coleman). The current leftist opposition to voter photo ID laws passed by a number of states on the spurious grounds of racism makes clear that the left feels that it needs to steal votes in order to win elections. Equally unsavory was the left's "Secretary of State Project" or SoPS, which was funded by George Soros to get "progressive" state officers to superintend the counting of votes. Read more........  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

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