Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UN ARMS TRADE TREATY -Second Amendment - Gun Control - #4070 - CALLS ARE NEEDED NOW! - HILLARY IS SCHEDULED TO SIGN THIS TREATY THIS FRIDAY!! - US Trade Treaty Could Be Amended in Future Over US Objections - CNS News (2) The Missing Link - Hot Air

***THIS IS EXTREMELY SERIOUS, I HAVE POSTED ON THIS SEVERAL TIMES, THE TIME TO CALL YOUR SENATORS IS NOW. In Virginia: Sen. Mark Warner 202-224-2023, Sen. Jim Webb - 202-224-4024. See Below for Main Senate Contact List.
US Arms Trade Treaty Could be Amended in Future Over US Objections - CNS News - With a Friday deadline looming, negotiators at the United Nations are circulating a draft of a global conventional arms trade treaty that critics worry will do little to “constrain bad actors,” while countries like the United States duly comply. A glaring provision in the draft states that any country that is party to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) can propose amendments to it at any time after it enters into force. Such amendments will be taken up at a conference of signatory states, where – according to article 20/3 of the text – it “shall be adopted by consensus, or if consensus is not achieved, by two-thirds of the States Parties present and voting.” The two-thirds requirement may appear to be a safeguard but, assuming all 193 U.N. member-states sign up to the treaty, the 132-member developing nation bloc known as “G77 plus China” accounts for more than two-thirds of the whole. It would therefore be conceivable that the ATT could be amended in the future by the required two-thirds majority vote, even if Western-led democracies object.   Read more..........  Senate Contact List.......

Once again the long running debate over gun control is being beaten into the ground in the wake of the maniacal attack in Colorado. So why drag it out further? Even after writing about it this weekend and sitting through hours of largely unbalanced coverage on television, there was something stuck in my proverbial craw. Two things brought an additional point of clarity to me on the subject today and made me realize that I’ve been cowed by social conventions into dancing around, side-stepping and outright ignoring what may be one of the most fundamental truths which needs to be highlighted when dealing with those who seek greater restrictions on gun ownership..........There are an estimated 270 million guns in the hands of civilians in the United States, making Americans the most heavily armed people in the world per capita. Yemen, a tribal nation with no history of strong central government or the rule of law, comes in a distant second….....That was the moment when it hit me. The combination of that premise taken by anti-gun groups with the previous historical perspective on our country reminded me of what may be the most important piece of the puzzle. When having this conversation, it’s far too easy to say, “Oh! Of course we don’t want to kill people! So let’s discuss your proposition.”......No, there is no reasonable person who wakes up in the morning hoping for the chance to kill another human being. But in times of war, ultimate disaster, chaos or – God forbid – the betrayal of those in power, killing another human being may, sadly, be part of the only path to survival. And to take a piece from the CNN article linked above: “America’s collective memory — is marked time and time again by guns..” You bet is is. And there were good reasons for that. Stop apologizing when you hear these arguments. They’re actually making your case for you.  Read entire article.......

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