Thursday, July 26, 2012

UN Arms Trade Treaty - #4072 - Dick Morris - Americans are Still Against Gun Control (2) Maryland Gun Permit Law Struck by Court - Washington Times

Even after the horrible shootings at the Century 16 Cinema in Aurora, Colorado, a majority of Americans oppose stricter gun controls. In a Rasmussen Poll conducted two days after the massacre, voters rejected calls for stricter gun laws by 41-51 about the same as before the deadly gunfire at the movie theater in Aurora. The Obama Administration is undoubtedly hoping that the shooting will build support for the UN Arms Trade Treaty Hillary is set to sign on this Friday, July 27th. But, despite the media’s efforts to politicize the killings to fuel a wave of demands for new gun controls, the American people seem immune to the pressure. But, regardless of your views on domestic gun control, the issue at stake in the UN treaty is sovereignty as well as guns. The treaty takes the right to decide what gun control we want and vests it in a central gun control body under the UN. The treaty is a classic UN bait and switch. It claims only to stop guns from finding their way to drug cartels, criminal gangs, the mob, and Marxist guerrillas, bit — to enforce its provisions — it empowers the UN to require signatory nations to take all necessary steps to enforce the treaty. Gun control experts point out that this provision can easily lead to UN mandated registration and confiscation. Since the treaty would have constitutionally protected status under the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause the Second Amendment would afford no protection With only three days left before Hillary is scheduled to sign this horrible treaty, please sign this petition against it.  Read more, sign Petition.......  SENATE CONTACT LIST.........

Maryland Gun Permit Law Struck by Court - Washington Times -  A federal judge has ordered Maryland officials to stop enforcing a law barring state residents from receiving concealed-carry handgun permits unless they provide a “good and substantial reason” to carry their weapons in public. U.S. District Court Judge Benson Everett Legg on Monday lifted the stay on his March ruling, which struck down a Maryland law requiring applicants to prove that they need to carry a gun for workplace duties or as protection from a specific threat. The order goes into effect Aug. 7. Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler, a Democrat, has appealed the initial ruling and could seek another stay to further delay its enforcement, but gun rights advocates say the judge’s decision puts them one step closer to finalizing a landmark victory. “We are, after all, talking about a civil right,” said Dave Workman, spokesman for the Second Amendment Foundation, a Bellevue, Wash.-based group that provided financial backing for the plaintiff in the lawsuit. “You should not have to explain why you want to exercise a fundamental civil right.”  Read more.......

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