Monday, July 30, 2012

Restoring Love - #4083 - Beck Delivers Epic "Restoring Love' Speech: 'History Breathes. It Doesn't Belong Behind Glass. It Belongs to You' - The Blaze

Beck Delivers Epic "Restoring Love Speech: 'History Breathes It Doesn't Belong Behind Glass.  It Belongs to You' - The Blaze - On Saturday evening, Glenn Beck delivered what is, arguably, his most moving and impactful address to date. His “Restoring Love” speech, accompanied by symphonic music, touched upon service, worship and the elements needed to move America forward. (Read the entire speech transcript) Beck opened by addressing the hard work and dedication that thousands of “Restoring Love” volunteers engaged in when they helped those in need at locations across Dallas, Texas, on Thursday (for more on the Day of Service, click here). “With all the problems in the world and with politicians giving all those speeches, doesn’t it feel good to do the work?,” Beck said in the speech’s opening. “One million meals have just left the stadium. We’re feeding the hungry in 11 cities. There are churches that can worship again when it rains because we — you –put a roof up.”Beck went on to praise the audience for serving the poor, elderly and others in great need, claiming that these caring individuals served as a “shelter from the storm” for the downtrodden. The popular commentator also encouraged the audience to make service more than a one-time occurrence. After addressing service, Beck stressed the importance of history, saying that it “is always alive.”“History breathes. It doesn’t belong behind glass. It belongs to you,” he proclaimed. “History is where we learn, who we really are, everything we have, everything we enjoy was done by someone else before we were born.” The nation that allows for such wonderful liberties to be enjoyed was inherited by this generation from those who came before us, he said. Beck went on to say that the current generation cannot be blamed for the mistakes of the past, nor can it be credited for the successes that came before. The powerful address continued, urging the audience to fight for America’s future.  Read more.........

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