Thursday, July 26, 2012

Property Rights, ICLEI, UN Agenda 21 - #4071 -UPDATE; Facquier County Zoning Administrator Has Overstepped - Red State Virginia

The following is a letter written by Rick Buchanan, one of the founding members of the Fauquier County Citizens for Family Farms (FCCFF). Family Farmers and Vintners are under attack in Fauquier County and this citizens group has been formed to fight back. Just what is going on here in Fauquier County? The truth behind the “event” citations that has a Paris farmer pushing out her hard earned dollars for her defense has now been revealed. How did we get to the point where it costs you $500.00 plus lawyer’s fees to defend an act of kindness offered to the 10 year old daughter of your best friend? And is the posting of events on the internet of what you would like to happen or wish you could have for a successful business now a citable offense? What’s next? Will the Fauquier Zoning Gestapo employ the use of drones to verify that your back yard barbeque is legal, with 1) not too many people 2) not too much smoke 3) a decibel level of fun not too high 4) cars not parked properly in your yard and 5+) on and on and on? ....... Are they right now combing the internet to discover some contrived infraction to cite you for? And now the BOS have given the go ahead for the ZA to determine the fate of every winery in the county and has given language to enable the judgment of the ZA to be used in the same manner she has shown to use in the case of the Paris farmer. Read just some of what the new winery ordinance says and then think about the wide range of power and discretion placed in this non-elected position.........Whether you live here in Fauquier or not, this is a case that could affect you, since precedent will be set here. If you like fresh products from a local farm or love to visit local Virginia wineries, you are a stakeholder in this struggle. So I suggest you come out and see for yourself if we live in a farmer friendly county or not. Rick Buchanan, Warrenton, VA.  Read entire letter.........

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