Friday, July 27, 2012

Presidential Elections 2012 - #4074 - Romney Hits Suspect Voter Mailings in Virginia, Asks Cuccinelli to Investigate - Washington Times

Mitt Romney’s campaign has asked Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli to launch an investigation into a nonprofit group’s mailing of voter registration materials to ineligible voters in the state — including cats, dogs, infants and, yes, the dead. Using mailing lists from sources such as magazine subscriptions, the Washington, D.C.-based Voter Participation Center has mailed material to potentially thousands who cannot legally vote, ranging from pets to the deceased to non-U.S. citizens. Kathryn Biber, general counsel for the Romney campaign, wrote to Mr. Cuccinelli and Charles Judd, chairman of the Virginia State Board of Elections, noting that voter registration forms had been sent out “pre-populated” with names belonging to recipients’ dead relatives, children, noncitizen relatives, convicted felons, and cats and dogs. Ms. Biber listed several Virginia laws that prohibit people from intentionally falsifying a registration application or persuading a voter to provide false information on an application. “By sending pre-populated voter registration applications to persons (and animals) not eligible to vote, the Voter Participation Center is likely in violation of one or more of these laws,” Ms. Biber wrote. She also cited comments from the secretary of the elections board, Donald L. Palmer, that “hundreds if not thousands, of applications were delivered to those ineligible to vote” from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, which first reported the news. Elections board spokesman Justin Riemer said the board has received more than 750 complaints about the forms VPC has mailed since mid-June. Virginia law requires the voter — not a third party — to fill out his or her own voter application.  Read more........

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