Thursday, July 5, 2012

Obamacare - #4019 - VIDEO: - 'Absolutely Infantilizing': Dr. Keith Ablow Explains Psychological Impact of Heath Care Ruling to Megyn Kelly - The Blaze

Absolutely Infantilizing - Dr. Keith Ablow Explains Psychological Impact of Health Care Ruling to Megyn Kelly - The Blaze - Last week’s health care ruling will undeniably affect the lives of Americans financially and economically, but how will it impact us psychologically? Dr. Keith Ablow, a bestselling author and one of America’s leading psychiatrists, asserts that the change will be “absolutely infantilizing,” and there will be incalculable ramifications because of it. The economic impact, he asserts, “pales in comparison” to the cost to the American mindset. He told Megyn Kelly on “America Live” that money is a metaphor, and in allowing the federal government to direct our hard-earned income to insurance companies or anywhere else, we are effectively left with an “allowance” that we can use as our parents in Washington see fit. He explained: “When the government begins to act as parent to its citizens as children, and says ‘we are going to earmark your after-tax dollars…you must spend it on certain things,’ that [literally means] that you don’t know whether any of your money is really yours because today it could be health care, tomorrow it could be a hybrid vehicle that you are penalized financially for not buying. “It takes control of your behavior in the way that a parent would of a child, and it diminishes us in terms of our autonomy and our ability to achieve things, even for liberty, on the world stage.”  Read more.........

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