Thursday, July 12, 2012

Economy - #4034 - VIDEO: "Obama's War on Women - American Crossroads - Townhall (2) This Graph Says An Awful Lot About the So-Called 'Recovery' - The Blaze

"Obama's War on Women" - American Crossroads - Townhall -Facts from the Video - 

  • 17 million women are now in poverty in the Obama Economy — 800,000 more than when Obama took office
  •  7.5 million women are in extreme poverty
  • 4 of 10 female-headed households are in poverty
  • 25% poverty rate among Hispanic women — the fastest growing group
  • 2.4 million older women in poverty
  •  Men are gaining 4 times as many jobs as women in Obama’s Economy
  •  780,000 more unemployed women in Obama’s Economy
  • Although the phony “War on Women” meme invented by Democrats seems to have finally been discredited, the Karl Rove-backed SuperPac -- American Crossroads -- isn’t waiting in the wings. As it happens, the right-leaning activist group released yet another advertisement on Wednesday showing how President Obama’s failed economic policies have disproportionately affected single, elderly, and Hispanic American women. The fact that 800,000 women have slipped into poverty since President Obama took office is damning evidence that his fiscal policies have not only failed, but failed to help single moms, unemployed millennials, and the elderly. Sadly, too, the national unemployment rate still hovers at 8.2 percent and more than 46 million (about 1 in 7 Americans) are on food stamps, increasing 70 percent between 2007-2011. The Romney camp, not unexpectedly, will continue to make their case to the American people that the last three and a half dismal years have been characterized by ever-bigger government, chronic unemployment, higher taxes, and less economic freedom.     Read more........
This Graph Says An Awful Lot About the So-Called 'Recovery' - The Blaze Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about “the recovery” and lot of arguing over who’s to blame for its supposed slowdown. But before we got too bogged down in who’s responsible for retarding economic growth, maybe we should first look at the data. Without one word of explanation, Harvard University econ professor Greg Mankiw posted the following graph to his blog:  Read more.........

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