Sunday, July 15, 2012

Defense of Marriage - #4043 - Marriage is Good for Society.....and the GOP - Hot Air

Marriage plays a key role in strengthening civil society and reducing poverty. Families of married couples, for example, are approximately six times less likely to be poor than single-parent families. That suggests marriage is one way to reduce the growing dependence on government welfare programs. It also turns out that married couples think about the world quite differently from their single counterparts. When it comes to their political preferences, married couples tend to back Republicans while single men and women support Democrats. That was the case in 2008 and it’s once again shaping up to be a dividing line in 2012. Pollster John Zogby noted the distinction in a recent piece on the “marriage gap,” which he called more dramatic than the gender gap. Zogby runs through the numbers: In an analysis provide by my colleagues at Gallup after the 2008 election, all married voters supported Senator John McCain over his Senate counterpart Barack Obama by a 12 point margin – 56% to 44%. Single voters favored Obama overwhelmingly by 30 points – 65% to 35%. But the gender characteristics of voter patterns were nearly canceled out by the marriage gap. In 2008, married men gave McCain a 16 point advantage over Obama – 58% to 42% — while single men pounded the Arizona Senator by 26 points – 63% to 37%. Married women supported McCain by 6 points, 53% to 47%, but it was Obama’s 32 point margin among single women – 66% to 34% — that provided him with a comfortable margin of victory.  Read more.........

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