Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Barack Obama - #4066 - New Poll Shows Obama Getting the Most Blame for the Bad Economy - Hot Air (2) In Virginia Senate Race, Wives Step to the Fore - Real Clear Politics

In 2009, Barack Obama predicted that he had only three years to turn the American economy around. “Look,” Obama told the Today audience, “if I can’t turn the economy around in three years, I will be looking at a one-term proposition.” With the economy stuck in stagnation and starting to slide backwards toward recession, voters have decided Obama is right. A new poll from The Hill shows that two-thirds of likely voters blame bad economic policy for the current state of the economy — and more blame Obama than anyone else: Two-thirds of likely voters say the weak economy is Washington’s fault, and more blame President Obama than anybody else, according to a new poll for The Hill.  Read more........ Steve Peters:  The American voters have finally determined that President Obama is responsible for the terrible economy after 4 years of on the job training and he did it...."on his own." Actually, prior Governor Tim Kaine gets an assist for pushing President Obama's terrible policies on the American people as head of the DNC for two years. Virginians should not reward Kaine for helping to bring all this misery on the Commonwealth.

In Virginia Senate Race, Wives Step to the Fore - Real Clear Politics - During a tour of small businesses on this town's quaint West Main Street, Susan Allen introduces herself to a female passerby and encourages the woman to support her husband George's U.S. Senate bid. After chatting, the woman notices Allen's opal ring and asks if it is her birthstone. No, she answers with a smile; it was simply a gift from her husband. "It's just George being sweet.".......... Now he is competing for his old seat in one of the closest and most closely watched races in the country. His political comeback depends on appealing to a broader and more diverse electorate than he needed in past elections -- namely, women and independents.......“If he wins this race, it’s in large part thanks to her,” says Ford O'Connell, a Virginia-based Republican strategist who worked on the McCain-Palin campaign four years ago. “She helps soften some of the reservations people may have. It’s a little bit about ‘Hey, you trust my wife.’ . . . I think she is really one of the best things going for him on the campaign trail.Read more....... Steve Peters: George Allen's conservative track record and positive economic effect on the lives of Virginians as Governor of the Commonwealth far surpasses that of Tim Kaine's. What each did over the last couple of years is extremely important and indicative of how each would represent Virginia in Washington D.C. George Allen was working in the private sector and traveling throughout Virginia listening to locals voicing concerns about an over reaching Federal Government pushing unpopular programs on it's citizens. On the other hand, TIm Kaine was Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and President Obama's Cheerleader-in-Chief pushing for EVERY ONE of his ever expanding government programs, including ObamaCare. Tim Kaine by his recent actions and words has proven he believes in an ever expanding Federal Government which should micromanage our lives and the Commonwealth of Virginia. What right minded Virginian would want to vote him into a position of power in Washington D.C.?

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