Monday, June 4, 2012

Wisconsin Recall Vote - #3944 - The Wisconsin Recall Stakes - Wall Street Journal (2) Statistical Analysis: Nearly 95% Chance of Scott Walker Victory Tomorrow? Update: Obama Sends Message of Support for Barrett via Tweet - Hot Air (3) VIDEO: Braveheart In Defiance of the English Tyranny - Bravo - 3,033,863 views - YouTube

A test of whether taxpayers can control the entitlement state. A single election rarely determines a democracy's fate, but some matter more than others. Tuesday's recall election of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is one that matters a great deal because it will test whether taxpayers have any hope of controlling the entitlement state and its dominant special interests. Specifically, we will learn if a politician can dare to cross government unions and survive. Mr. Walker isn't facing this extraordinary midterm challenge because he and a GOP legislature asked public workers to pay 12.6% of their health insurance premiums and put 5.8% of their paychecks toward their pensions. Those are small sums compared to what private employees typically pay. His political offense was daring to challenge the monopoly sway that public unions have come to hold over modern state government through collective bargaining. Public unions aren't like private unions that negotiate labor terms with a single company or workplace. Public unions have outsize influence because they can often buy the politicians who are supposed to represent taxpayers. The unions effectively sit on both sides of the bargaining table. Read more.... Steve Peters Commentary: William Wallace(Mel GIbson) said to Longshanks-The KIng of England in BraveHeart, "There's a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it." Tomorrow's Wisconsin recall election will be a prelude to the upcoming November election, perhaps the most important election in American history. Which philosophical political path will we choose to travel down? Obama's vision of a ever expanding European socialistic model, where the citizen become but a serf to the State, or a return to our Founding Fathers vision of a limited central government bound by the chains of a strict constructionist interpreted Constitution? Do you have LESS freedoms, LESS hope for your children's future, and LESS pocket change today than when Obama was elected? If so, you must limit the damage to America's future by limiting Obama to a one term President (Please also ask all your family and friends to answer the question before entering the voting booth). What will you do between now and election day to keep freedoms for future generations? Before the battle to rally the troops, William Wallace(Mel Gibson) gave this inspiring short speech(Click on video clip). 

Statistical Analysis: Nearly 95% Chance of Scott Walker Victory Tomorrow? Update:  Obama Sends Message of Support for Barrett via Tweet - Hot Air -  I know, I know: “Don’t jinx it.” I have so few moments of unbridled optimism, though. Let me enjoy this one. I added a question mark in the headline because Nate Silver’s not quite throwing his full weight behind the numbers. He’s using his 2010 gubernatorial model, but the dynamics of a standard gubernatorial election two years ago aren’t quite the same as they are in a recall election today. So there’s your caveat. But it’s a small one: Although the contest is fairly close, polls of gubernatorial races are ordinarily quite reliable in the late stages of a race. We have not officially released a forecast for the race, but Mr. Walker’s lead of about six points would translate into almost a 95 percent chance of victory if we used the same formula we did to evaluate gubernatorial races in 2010, which derives its estimates from the historical accuracy of gubernatorial polls over the past 15 years… Read more.........  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

LISTEN TO HIS SPEECH CAREFULLY, 3,033,863 views,  Mel Gibson, an excellent (Irish) Aussie-American Hollywood actor starring as the "William Wallace" character in the movie - BRAVEHEART - based on a real story took place in Scotland. William Wallace gave his fellow country-men a freedom speech against the tyrant English(Anglo-Saxons)King's Royal/Evil Armies. Scotts and Irishs want to have their own independence from the corrupt-brutal Royal Kindom of England.

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